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A Perfect App for WhatsApp and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration 

WhatsApp for Marketing CloudA Perfect App for WhatsApp and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration 

Are you looking forward to integrating WhatsApp with the Marketing Cloud?

Is it just for sending WhatsApp messages from the Marketing Cloud?

Probably, not. You would want something more than that. 

No matter what you want for your business operations, sometimes you just have to make the right decisions. You must choose suitable connectors and apps for integrations to get the best capabilities.

We all know that the Marketing Cloud helps you create the entire customer journey in the best manner, personalizing interactions. Tailoring communications across different touchpoints, channels, and devices is much easier. But it doesn’t do this for texting.

Even using Marketing Cloud mobile studio for texting, you get limited messaging capabilities, which might not be sufficient to cater to specific texting requirements in Marketing Cloud.

This is where 360 SMS comes into play.

Why 360 SMS?

360 SMS is a full-fledged and advanced texting app that offers numerous capabilities for effective texting from Marketing Cloud.  But some users already use Marketing Cloud and have all their other marketing processes set up.

So, they need something built natively rather than capabilities built on top of the Marketing Cloud or customized. They need something that uses MC directly. And this is something the 360 SMS app is good at. 

From reducing the messaging price to text operations time, it provides you with everything you need to text successfully from Marketing Cloud. 

Let’s find out what makes 360 SMS  better than other connectors for integrating Salesforce WhatsApp and the Marketing Cloud.

What You Get from Other Connectors and Apps for WhatsApp Integration with Marketing Cloud





What you get from 360 SMS for Marketing Cloud




Usage and Ease of Use with 360 SMS 






Do a Lot More than just WhatsApp Messaging by choosing the right WhatsApp and Marketing Cloud Integration.

It might be problematic for you to use Marketing Cloud in default form when there are specific technical requirements and limitations to using it in a particular way. 

Yet, when you look at possible integrations in the market, they try to change the declarative solutions and step outside the Marketing Cloud. 

When you have marketing numbers and data in Marketing Cloud, and your entire process is done through Marketing Cloud or has already trained your teams, you need things built natively. And 360 SMS gives you all the tools you’ll need to run text marketing natively without changing declarative solutions and exhausting your marketing budget.

To dive deeper into the capabilities of 360 SMS for Marketing Cloud, turn to our experts at or click here to contact us.

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