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Send Accessible & Richer Communication to a wider audience with MMS automation in 360SMS

Send Accessible & Richer Communication to a wider audience with MMS automation in 360SMS

There’s more to MMS than just enticing Promos & GIFs for Special occasions and life-events like anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas (which isn’t bad either  – we’re just saying that there’s a lot more you’re not looking at). In this feature, we look at what makes MMS a reliable and potent contender in 2020s dwindling attention economy.

THE MORE YOU KNOW… According to businesses across verticals, MMS has led to an increase of around 250% in engagement over standard SMS.

The Case for MMS

Overwhelming Capabilities

When used correctly, returns aren’t really a problem with MMS. 

As a business, you’ll be spoilt for choice with an entire variety of opinions for business collateral that you can deliver reliably, with lower spam.

You could choose to send promotional pictures, audio greetings and offers, phone contacts, business cards, forms, menus, and text-based documents, and even video files like product demos and testimonials.

You can also share vouchers, passes, tickets, barcodes, and exclusive wallpapers.

Dissemination of Essential Information

You can count on MMS to Share visual maps and directions to venues. MMS is also known to handle up to 300KB and 1600 Characters reliably.

Lasting memory & recall

Pictures in your customer’s inbox let you build recall equity with consistent brand themes and identities that extend to MMS, increasing your returns on creatives.

Impactful visual representations 

You’ll never need to care about character limits again. What’s more, you can deliver media-rich experiences, flattering product images, and journeys consistent with your website with no opt-ins .


MMS Pictures aren’t really worth 60000 words (a number you’ll see bandied about recklessly by marketing gurus), but they’re still a worthy contender for your attention.

As a conservative estimate, behavioral economists, marketing researchers, and psychologists say that all things being equal, pictures are roughly


10x More into relevant peer-to-peer audiences 



6x Faster for shorter sentences

600x Faster for full-length sentences

It’s not 60000. But it’s still a lot.

Possibilities You’ll Love

New dimensions for your promotions

The possibilities of MMS combined with SMS and automation are limitless. You could trigger response-based MMSes for your product catalog based on keyword responses received in a campaign.

This also lets you repurpose your creatives from other platforms like social media and websites for other channels.

Enhanced service with faster visual messages

Service agents can now bring forms & relevant knowledgebase articles at thumb-swipe distance. They can send pictures & messages parallelly in the same conversation thread.

Field Service personnel can also share pictures of themselves, identification, and barcodes to build trust before field-visits to a residential place.

Events organizer can look to this channel for business cards, QR codes, tickets, coupons, passes, and maps for navigation.

Unlocked Broader Access & Audience

Finally, displaying MMS content brings video to low-end devices over web-browsers and extends your reach beyond OTT platforms to capture upwardly mobile audiences before they change out devices and move to OTTs. (Although, 360 SMS would help you automate interactions over those OTT channels too.)

Schools with limited access to connectivity or low-end MMS capable devices have long used MMS to disseminate coursework and forms accessibly.

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