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Enables You To Oversee SMS Messages From Salesforce

Short Messaging Service has taken the world by a whirlwind. With its ease in accessibility and its extensively vast outreach, it has become one of the preferred methods of communications especially when you are dealing with your clientele and official relationships. If you thing that emails and internet communications are better, then think again. To receive and respond to such communication methods, one needs to have a strong internet connection. Even though technology has advanced so much, still there are high chances that your customer might not be fortunate enough to have this connection 24×7.

This becomes truer when your target audience belongs to rural area because their network might not be strong enough to support a steady internet. In all such scenarios and much more, Send SMS from Salesforce become your only saviour to communicate with your clients. This communication holds more importance because you need to retain your clients and having a strong customer relationship management with them ensures it.

Salesforce is world’s leading CRM platform which is cloud based. It provides you with a plethora of services to choose from. Other than the amazing array of services Salesforce provides, it also enables its consumer to choose from third party applications via Salesforce’s AppExchange.

360 SMS App is one such application which is the one stop destination for all SMS related requirements for every firm associated with Salesforce. With 360 SMS App you can send SMS from Salesforce. You would be able to send infinite number of SMS to unlimited customers. For all these mesmerising features all you have to do is download and pay for the services of 360 SMS App and you are all set to use it.

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