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Extend Single-click Messaging beyond Default Objects in Salesforce

360 Sms Appto extend single click messaging beyond default objects in Salesforce

Extend Single-click Messaging beyond Default Objects in Salesforce

Just as customer needs and desires are unique, business requirements also vary in multiple spheres. One solution cannot fit the bill for all problems. That’s why businesses look for customized solutions to personalize their product to their usage.

Whether it’s about a broken process or no process, customized products contribute to enhanced user experience and easy adoption.

By and large, 360 SMS is a no-code app but still, it’s highly flexible because users have different needs. We completely support user-adoption, and users do not need to be highly trained. However complex the use-case is, we can adapt our solution to that because it’s Salesforce native, and its use is easier. Users usually don’t need customization, but if it is required, they can do it themselves due to zero-code convenience.  Even if they don’t get how to do it, we‘ll do it for them. We can help with complex customization for special usages too. We have custom usage support for everything, no matter what it is. This messaging layer can be added to anything. 

To understand the importance of customization, let’s dive into a case where messaging wasn’t available by default for case-contacts, but we did it for custom objects.

When default messaging options aren’t enough

A Typical use-case: “Not enough SEND buttons.”  

When a case is created, there can be multiple contacts associated with it. A user may want to send text messages to these case contacts in the future. It could be for further communication, re-marketing, promotions, or any other purpose.

As a default option, text messages can be sent to only those objects on which the ‘SEND’ button is configured, and users are unable to send SMSes to case contacts. This limits the message sending capacity of users and prevents them from reaching out to any contact as per the requirement.

Enabling Custom Options to message Case Contacts

This is where customization can help you to break barriers and improve your outreach. Using their extensive knowledge and vast experience,  developers can help you overcome such limitations and extend the capability of the 360 SMS app. All they need to do is to provide an option to send text messages to case-contacts.

Whether users want to send a text to single or multiple contacts, this functionality is quite achievable through customization. Depending on the customization requirement given to the team, this can be done.

Even if they are willing to send messages through a Conversation View, the contact’s name would be displayed, and the message would be sent to their respective numbers as mentioned in a particular case. 

Further, this customization isn’t just limited to case contacts but could even be extended to opportunity. 

One can easily send text messages to opportunity contact with tailored-solution.

Why you should care about Capability Extensions

In their bare-bones versions, systems may have certain limitations, but customization paves the way to extend its capabilities. Customization makes a system more interactive than before and contours it in a way users want. If you are not compatible with systems that you have or want something to be built from scratch, custom solutions can help you out. Further, you can choose customization if there’s no ISV (Independent Solution vendor) for your niche process or the solution that can address your particular need. This could mean a world of differences in your business processes.

It lets you bring out the desired functionalities that reduce turnaround or more value to your business. So, users bound by certain limitations that hamper business workflows can head towards tailored-solutions and get a new and innovative way to overcome those limitations constructively.

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