Here’s how Link Tracking can help you in Running Successful SMS Campaign


So, lately, people have been advised with various tips that they should follow in order to carry out successful SMS campaigns. Yes, there are several methodologies to do that but you just need to be updated with a whole new set of technologies to get yourself started. Firstly, let’s talk more about SMS campaigns and what are they used for. SMS campaigns refer to sending text messages in bulk to your target audience hoping to get positive feedback regarding your products or services, whichever you need to showcase via the same. There are multiple types of SMS that can be sent to your respective audience in order to get their attention. These types include SMS presenting introduction, services, subscription form, new offers & discounts, and unsubscribe form. Continue reading to know more.

So, talking about their usage, we have something quite huge to cover upon. They offer wide user applications that can be focused upon. But have we ever wondered about the parameters which we can consider for measuring our daily results? There are different functionalities offered by a Salesforce powered texting app which may help you analyze the success rate of your SMS campaign. One of the most relevant features which are ‘Hyperlink Tracking’ is no less than a wonder for most of the marketers. This feature is primarily used for tracking the respective link which you may have sent to your subscribers via text messaging.

With the help of this wonderful functionality, you can easily check the number of times the link got clicked, along with the time-stamp for the first as well as the last link. This feature is truly a blessing for all the SMS marketers out there, and can easily help them track their performance. Just the open and click rates might not help you that much if you need to make an analyzing report. But, tracking the links placed in a message can definitely be a game-changer. In this way, you can easily see whether people are really interested in your services or not.

Not all major texting apps on the Salesforce AppExchange provide you with this wonderful functionality. This unique feature is only available with only the best Salesforce native SMS app, i.e. 360 SMS App. It is one of the top-rated texting apps on the platform of Salesforce AppExchange with over 300+ positive reviews. Delivering top-class projects on time with project transparency is like our passion. Our SMS experts work round the clock for our customers’ satisfaction. We have always put the satisfaction of our customers as the top-most priority. We never aim to compromise with the same. We understand that customers are the major pillars for the success of a business organization. We are always open to getting honest feedback from our users so that we can improve in the best way possible. Looking forward to giving us an opportunity? Connect with us today and get on board with the best SMS app for Salesforce.

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