How Salesforce SMS Integration Can Enhance Your Business ROI

top reasons to integrate salesforce with sms

Salesforce CRM has been doing a wonderful job making people realize its importance in achieving long-term goals in a sustainable manner. It never leaves a chance to make its platform equipped with the latest trends in the technological market to ensure maximum results in the least possible time. It is really important to get ahead with the current updates to stand firm against their competitors in the long run. It hardly misses an opportunity to integrate with vital platforms to make itself more powerful than ever before. Recently, it came up with a solution to integrate Salesforce with text messages, the most convenient form of communication mankind can ever have. Salesforce users have got a wonderful product from this extremely satisfying combination. Both of them have already excelled helping people to get the desirable results in a comparatively shorter period of time. Now, imagine how useful can their integration be!

More about Integration of Salesforce with SMS

So, this highly powerful combination can help you fetch results with supreme quality in a timely manner. There are several benefits one can avail from this integration, which may include easy accessibility and the ability to target a larger audience in a single attempt. Moreover, you can get access to additional benefits too which we would be talking about later in the article. Well, we are well known to the fact that SMS was invented years back, but it is still considered as the most preferred communication channel among the masses. Continue reading to know more about its exceptional advantages.

Top Reasons to Integrate Salesforce with Text Messages

Although there are several reasons to integrate these two powerful resources, we have listed a few that tops the list. Have a look:

Top Reasons to Integrate Salesforce with Text Messages

  1. Enhance Overall Performance– It can help you improve operational efficiency by saving your time and money simultaneously. Earlier, people used to switch continuously between their CRM and other texting apps, but now things can be done in a much organized manner. Hence, it improves productivity as well.
  2. Multiple Options– It also provides you with varied options to get started with. Today, people like to have several beneficiaries to choose the best from them, so why not providing them with such an option? It also supports variation, plus customers feel much more satisfied than before.
  3. Automatic CRM Updates– Since you are already equipped with an integrated version of Salesforce and SMS which is much advanced, you will automatically get the updates for the same. That means automated alerts and notifications for each new improvement or advancement that is made. What else is needed?
  4. Improved Marketing Campaigns– Since marketing campaigns are always successful because of the well-versed communication processes, this integrated version provides you with a much-enhanced version of campaigns for marketing for products and services. It also ensures that you get maximum ROI with the greatest results possible.


To integrate Salesforce with text messages has only bought much good for the users, rather than harm. Making them equipped with some exceptional features, it has been winning the hearts of the people in the most unusual ways. If you have not switched to this highly beneficial resource till now, it’s high time that you do. Getting started with the right SMS app for Salesforce at the right time is much needed if you wish to get ahead of your rivalries in the highly competitive market.

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