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How to Carry out Lead Qualification over SMS

Qualify leads with SMS

How to Carry out Lead Qualification over SMS

Marketers put their sweat, blood, and tears to maximize conversions. They invest a lot of time and effort on every lead to convert them but fail to do so. The reason could be not every incoming lead is worth chasing. Thus, it becomes crucial for marketers to qualify leads and identify which business leads are worth time-spending and which aren’t. So, marketers can qualify leads with SMS much conveniently. This will help employees hand over only pre-qualified leads to the sales team. Further, the sales team can invest their time and effort in quality leads as pre-qualified leads have higher chances of conversion.

Importance of Lead Qualification

Lead qualification brings several benefits to employees. It helps employees save a lot of time, energy and also prevents sales professionals from investing effort in low-value leads. This further helps employees focus on high-priority work areas, work more efficiently and maximize conversions. 

While qualifying leads, employees can gather vital information like their industry, territory, business issues, etc., to find potential customers for their business offerings. The best part is employees can count on automation and Salesforce texts to accelerate the lead qualification process and reduce manual intervention and workload.

How to Qualify Leads With SMS

Inquiries of every individual are different, and so their intent. It becomes crucial to understand their needs or wants, their business pain points, expectations, etc., before selling out anything to customers. So, not only can you qualify inquiries with texts but leads too.

Intelligent Texting for Surveys and Chatbots

With a texting solution supporting no-code automation, users can create and run text Surveys on their own to qualify leads without manual intervention. They can trigger any Survey in the event of a desired incoming keyword. Users can configure a series of questions and answers and assign a new question they want to trigger with each incoming response. This makes it easier to gather the required information for lead qualification. 

Further, users can segment customers and create a list of qualified leads. This feature is dubbed as iText in 360 SMS. The best part of iText is immediate actions can be taken and assigned to relevant team members based on each response. 

This way, users can configure different chatbots for different use-cases without additional expenses.

Count on URLs to Qualify Leads with SMS

URLs are another crucial tool that can help with lead qualification. If users are using lead qualification forms, they can send a URL in text navigating to that form. Also, users can redirect to a specific page on the website that consists of certain questions and intends to qualify leads. 

Collect Data through 1-on-1 Conversation

In addition to automated texting, users can also count on one-on-one conversation to qualify leads. Whenever there’s any incoming inquiry or a lead, users can collect data like locations, preferences, business issues, expectations, etc. This will help to find out potential business leads and segment them accordingly. Also, this will help to grow the list of quality leads faster as users can use two different methods simultaneously to qualify leads, i.e., automated and manual.

Redirect Sales Team to Quality Leads and Improve Conversion Rate 

Qualifying incoming leads are equally important as any other business operation. Sending pre-qualified leads to the sales team helps them make efforts in the right direction. This further helps the sales team be more efficient and drive more conversions. With multiple ways to qualify incoming leads, it becomes easier to expand the quality lead’s list in a short period.

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