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How to Set up SMS Drip Campaigns in Salesforce

Salesforce SMS Drip Campaigns

How to Set up SMS Drip Campaigns in Salesforce

Marketers keep experimenting with new approaches and marketing activities to improve returns. Sometimes they achieve the desired results on the first attempt, and sometimes they have to tweak their marketing campaigns and activities according to the performance and responses. Thus, performance metrics play a vital role for businesses while carrying out marketing activities. Salesforce SMS drip campaigns are a robust Salesforce object for marketers and can make a significant difference in revenue when used to the fullest. 

What are Salesforce SMS Drip Campaigns?

As the name indicates, SMS drip campaigns in Salesforce allow marketers to schedule a series of SMS to go out at a defined date and time and interact with audiences at the right time. Thus, marketers can send text messages at a specified time without manual intervention and get into meaningful conversations.

Salesforce SMS campaigns allow marketers to gain insights into drip campaign performance, drip campaign stages at which customers are, engagement histories, campaign members, and much more.

How to set up SMS Drip Campaigns in Salesforce

Setting up SMS drip campaigns in Salesforce is not a tough nut to crack. You can set up SMS drip campaigns with a few easy steps and automate text messages.

  1. Click on the Drip Campaign object.

After clicking, you can see the list of all created SMS drip campaigns.


      2. To create a new SMS Drip Campaign, click on the Create new drip tab on the top right corner of the page.

This should bring up a page where you need to enter values for the requested fields.

After filling in all the details, you can click Save, Save and Create Action or Cancel button.

Configuring Actions for each SMS in an SMS Drip Campaign

After creating a drip campaign, you can configure actions for each SMS you want to send as a part of your SMS drip campaign.

When you click Save and Create Action, a Create Drip Campaign Action dialog box will appear where you need to enter the requested field values.

(i) Immediate

By selecting the ‘Immediate’ option, you can immediately trigger the SMS Drip Campaign or if there’s an incoming text with the specified keyword.

(ii) Specific date and time

By selecting the ‘Schedule Date Time’ option, you can add a date and time to send an SMS.

(iii) Condition-based

By selecting the ‘Condition based’ option, you can apply conditions to send an SMS. You can schedule messages deciding offset by days, hours, and minutes. 

If you’re scheduling text by choosing offset by the number of days, you can add time also. You can also specify whether you want to send an SMS BEFORE or AFTER how many days, hours, or minutes of a specific action, the SMS should go out.

After filling in all the details, you can click Save, Save and Create New Action or Cancel button.

This way, you can configure actions for each SMS in the SMS drip campaign and run SMS drip campaigns. If required, you can also visit our ‘Manuals’ section and check the visual representation of configuring SMS Drip Campaigns in Salesforce.

Tap into Valuable Conversations Connecting with Audiences at the Right Time

Reaching customers the way they want and communicating with them at the right time helps users get into meaningful conversations. This further help to reinforce relationships with customer and improve returns. An SMS drip campaign is one of the best instances of automation in business. It lets users connect with audiences at the defined time without intervening manually. This not only saves time for teams but effort too. Thus, teams can be more efficient at work.

To know more about how you can use SMS drip campaigns for your vertical, get in touch with our experts at or contact us here.

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