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How Travel Agencies Can Work with the Help of Text Messages

how travel agencies can work with the help of text messages

How Travel Agencies Can Work with the Help of Text Messages

Text messages have been playing an important role in the lives of the people in the present era. SMS or (Short Message Service) or text messages are all the same and used to convey a significant message to the people at a specific time. We already that now several industries have already shifted their focus from other modes of marketing to texting. Other modes primarily phone calls or emails are much more time-consuming and can also burn a hole in your pocket, but that’s not the case with SMS. Texting is never industry-specific, that means it can be used well in almost all major sectors including Education, Healthcare, Finance, etc. And moreover, that’s not all. There is still a long list of industries that follow the latest trend of texting to stay ahead of their rivals in the long run.

Here, if we talk specifically about the ‘Tours and Travel’ sector, we might understand it as an industry which can also make the most of the Salesforce powered texting apps available on the AppExchange platform of Salesforce. Several travel agencies used to make calls or send numerous emails to their potential or existing clients in order to reach out to them and generate the revenue as well. But now, the trend has been changed. Markets have been shifting their focus from other modes of marketing to texting, and there are various obvious reasons behind the same. First of all, its cheaper rates and easy availability and friendly user interface.

Imagine a scenario where a travel agent calls their potential clients again and again and still does not get enough response from them. That would be a time-consuming process and cost you more bucks as well. But imagine the same situation but now you are using SMS to get in touch with your potential customers or even the existing ones. This will save you money and time simultaneously. So, what would you prefer? Text messages are always given more preference over emails or phone calls because people tend to trust them more, and they also create a bond within the people. Travel agencies can easily maximize their profits by using texting apps by Salesforce. They can simply send customized SMS to most of the customers at the same time, and also reply to them in no time. This will help you to gain trust and confidence of your customers.

Wondering which app to choose as per your business needs and requirements? You must choose the one that fits your business requirements completely. 360 SMS App, natively built on Salesforce can be your one-stop solution. Having clients in almost each and every sector of the industry, it is the top-rated app on the AppExchange. Wish to give it a shot? Get in touch with our experts today and unleash the power of text messages in the field of Salesforce.

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