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iText- Automate intelligent text and actions for any industry

iText- Automate intelligent text and actions for any industry

In a world where customer interest changes overnight, the incorporation of automation in workflows seems like a necessity for exponential business growth. Thus, understanding the dynamic needs of users across verticals, Salesforce-based texting has successfully powered automation in messaging to communicate with prospects. This includes the use of intelligent text (dubbed ‘iText’ in 360 SMS) to market products, capture data, and much more.

For instance, Salesforce 360 SMS app’s iText is one of those features that equip its users with automated texting, which can be triggered either manually or through inbound keywords.  It’s essentially a conversation tree that anyone can configure to automate text messages depending on the responses or reserved keywords they receive.

Such conversation trees can also be qualifying responses or inquiries which is dubbed lead profiling or progressive profiling in sales.

Intelligent texting is the most versatile tool in a text marketer’s arsenal. It can be applied to an unending number of situations.

Let’s examine a few of them.

Gauge Interest Across Verticals with Intelligent texting automation

No industry is untouched when it comes to using texts for various purposes. Whether it is about passing important information to customers, or it is about conversing on a matter of importance, the 360 SMS app fulfills every conversation need. With the iText feature, customer interaction through surveys, polls, etc. turns easier than before because of reduced manual efforts and time consumption. 

For capturing data or public opinion on different matters, iText can solve the purpose with ease through response-triggered actions.

Professional Services

Irrespective of vertical, every industry is quite interested in knowing about their products, services, staff behavior, etc. With no means to collect such data through a 1-on-1 conversation with customers, the iText feature makes it feasible to reach and collect people’s responses over the desired concern. 

Using an intuitive interface, one can design a series of questions and optional answers to choose from. For the next step, you’d be alining a different question with each option to trigger when a customer responds. Just like a chatbot.

With iText, you can take feedback on food quality, staff services, behavior, recommendation possibilities to their family and friends, etc. Hence, with automation, it becomes much easier to reach a wider audience with fewer efforts and know their opinions.

Real-Estate Operations  

Being one of the busiest sectors when it comes to workload, it is not easy to keep every user posted about every property matching their specific requirements. But it can be made easy with the iText feature automating conversations with clients as soon as the property is listed on portals.

As users reply with user-designated keywords, responses can be triggered and a conversation can be initiated accordingly.

Besides, finding a highly interested customer based on the response, one can take action for that particular customer through the Action handler like creating a task.

Based on users’ responses, one can easily gauge users’ interest and purchase intent to plan the next step.

Healthcare – Follow-up & Confirm Appointments for Treatment

For scheduling appointments with doctors and taking confirmation, iText can be the right feature to implement.

Hi (Doctor’s name).

Can I book your Appointment for today with (patient name)?

Please reply with ‘Y’ for Yes and ‘N’ for No.


In case the doctor replies with ‘Y’, one can align the next question to confirm timings.

Hi (Doctor’s name)

Please confirm timings for(patient name)

And in case the doctor replies with ‘N’, one can align the next question to confirm the availability.

This way, iText not only prevents you from the hassle of consistent follow-ups and manual efforts.

Effortless Brevity & Relevance for all automated interactions

Whether it’s about collecting feedback at scale or creating Surveys, iText serves as the best feature to accommodate user’s needs. With user-designated keywords, iText makes it much effortless to automate conversation and interact with users with the right series of questions to collect the most valuable data within minutes.

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