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Salesforce SMS App- New Opportunity for E-commerce Market

Salesforce SMS App

Salesforce SMS App- New Opportunity for E-commerce Market

In our previous week’s edition, we focused on how Restaurants can maximize their profits by utilizing the automated texting. As we know that, Texting can do wonders and these are not just limited to any specific industry, i.e. they are not industry-specific; rather any industry those including HealthCare, Finance, Entertainment, Logistics, etc. can avail the exceptional benefits from the Salesforce powered SMS App. Now, as we see that the E-commerce market is in huge trend. The primary reason for the same is that you don’t need to step out of your house, just whip your smartphone out, select the things which you wish to get delivered to you, and get them at much cheaper rates at your doorstep. Now that we have already talked about texting and e-commerce platform, let’s talk about something which binds them together- Texting. Yes, you read that right. E-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. are utilizing the method of texting to get in touch with their existing as well as potential customers.

These giants often choose a CRM platform to manage their huge database online using the cloud space. Taking the CRM platform as Salesforce here, we can say that texting can be done directly through it as well, or one can always go for the other additional texting apps which are present on its AppExchange Platform. Texting directly through Salesforce can cost you a few bucks extra but using the Salesforce SMS Apps for the same purpose can be quite helpful and provide you with other additional benefits as well. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that how Salesforce powered texting apps can open the door of new opportunities for the E-commerce sector which is growing at a faster pace in the present era. There are many ways through which e-commerce giants can maximize their profit and ROI using texting as their communication medium with the customers.

Here’s a video on how the E-commerce Market can avail the privileges of using a Salesforce SMS App:

So, in the above video, we just witnessed how efficiently the e-commerce sector can make the most out of the texting apps by Salesforce. For instance, if we shop for some stuff from any of these online shopping giants, we instantly get a message as soon as we confirm our order, then we usually start receiving a series of SMS stating the delivery status of our stuff. After some days, we might again receive a message alluring us with great discount offers. So, these are the clever tactics played by the respective business firms. And there is a reason that they choose texting as their communication medium. Your customers would love to be communicated via SMS, it saves them time and they do not get disturbed. It catches the customer’s attention in the first instance and hence, helps to form greater bonds with them. Confused about which Salesforce SMS app can provide you with the required benefits? No worries, you are just at the right place. 360 SMS App can be your savior and help you in reaching the wider target audience just in a few clicks. Natively built on Salesforce, it empowers you to communicate effectively with your customers. Wish to give us a chance? Visit now and book a free demo for yourself today!

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