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Making Sense of Shortened Payment Links

Shortened payment links

Making Sense of Shortened Payment Links

Marketers keep on experimenting with new ways for innovative marketing and communication. They use visuals, audio, images, etc., to redefine the way they communicate with audiences and drive more engagement. But many times, the value of URLs is overlooked when it comes to communication. URLs are a robust tool that not only helps business ventures but recipients also. On the one hand, firms can use URLs to extend their text messages beyond the SMS character limit. On the other hand, recipients can get detailed information and make payments without too much navigation using shortened payment links.

What are Short Payment Links and Their Significance? 

URLs can be used for serving different purposes. One vital way is to use URLs for payments and support case reduction. Shortened payment URLs are just the short version of long payment URLs and do not impact the location you’re directing to. We all are familiar that Google Chrome is the most popular and World’s number 1 browser. 

So, if we talk about URLs, the maximum length of a URL can go upto 2048 characters in Google Chrome. Thus, if users embed a payment URL in a text without shortening it, not only the character limit of SMS will be exhausted, but it will increase the SMS count and bill. 

This is why it becomes necessary to send only shortened payment links in the text. This will prevent the SMS character limit from being exhausted. With 360 SMS Link Tracking, the links are auto-shortened. This saves a lot of time and additional effort for users.

Shortened Payment Links for Low SMS Bill and Easy Payments

Reduces Navigation and Facilitates One-touch Payment

The more convenience you add to your customers, the more it adds to good services from a brand. While making any payment, customers have to go through multiple pages to reach the desired payment page.

This is where you can help your customers by sending shortened payment URLs through Salesforce texts. This will reduce navigation for them and allow them to make payments conveniently.

Instill Confidence in Customers to Make Payments

In money matters, people are more concerned and cautious. So, it becomes necessary to instill trust in customers that they are making payments through a genuine URL. To win the confidence of customers, you can use custom on-brand payments links. This way, you can send payment URLs that customers can trust.

Allows to Reduce SMS Count

An increase in SMS characters multiplies the SMS segment. The more character you add in a text, the more will be the SMS segment count. This is because the character limit of one text is 160 characters only.

Beyond 160 characters, one segment will split into two and so on. Therefore, using the URL shortening service, you can send shortened payment URLs and cut back on the SMS segment count.

Improve Customer Experiences with One-touch Navigation

Shortened payment links provide the best way to improve customer experiences with your brand and enhance their satisfaction level. Apart from payments, there are enormous ways to use shortened URLs, like you can send self-help articles and other detailed information without increasing SMs segments. More importantly, URLs reduce navigation for customers and add more convenience to them. 

To know more about how 360 SMS can help send URLs in the texts without being spam, get in touch with our experts at or contact us here.

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