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The Ultimate Facebook Salesforce Integration

Ultimate Facebook Salesforce IntegrationThe Ultimate Facebook Salesforce Integration

Who doesn’t want the best capabilities to manage their social media accounts and presence? 

After all, social media presence is no longer an option for business.

Instead, a robust social media presence has become essential for firms to improve business outreach, increase customer base, and cater to the demands of modern users who use social media actively.  

This is why an ultimate Facebook Salesforce integration is something that every business aims for to manage Facebook accounts from Salesforce effectively.

How a Regular Facebook Salesforce Integration Looks like

Facebook Salesforce Integration through API is a way to connect Salesforce and Facebook.

This integration method is a bit time-consuming as it requires complex coding work by developers.

More importantly, you require a pool of experts to cater to your complex requirements in one go. 

On top of that, be ready to satisfy yourself with limited messaging capabilities.

If you are looking forward to additional capabilities, head to developers and gear up yourself to bear additional charges.

Deployment maintenance cost is something that comes with Facebook Salesforce integration through API.

Ultimate Facebook Salesforce Integration

Facebook Salesforce integration through Appexchange apps is the most convenient and quickest way.

And 360 SMS is the one that is truly an ultimate Facebook Salesforce integration.

This process hardly takes 5-10 mins to set up.

This is because it gives you a lot more compared to any other ordinary integration.

It’s not like regular Facebook  Salesforce integration that comes with basic messaging capabilities.

Instead, you get a complete feature set to manage conversations with Facebook audiences like never before.

You get almost everything pre-built, eliminating the need to build capabilities from scratch and saving time.

You can get into P2P messaging through the desktop and interact one-on-one with a Facebook prospect or customer to offer purchase and support assistance.

For meaningful conversations, you can access chat history and deliver a superior messaging experience.

You get advanced automation capabilities that eliminate your dependency on experts for message automation.

With no-code automation, you can schedule Facebook messages in bulk or a text message sequence to run Facebook campaigns. 

You can schedule messages to go out on a specific date and time for consistent engagement and lead nurturing.

If required, you can trigger text setting criteria for a particular use case.

You can create and trigger surveys and questionnaires yourself for detailed data capturing.

Even you can trigger Surveys while running drip campaigns and track at what stage of a drip campaign a customer is.

Besides, you can design a chatbot to address common incoming inquiries from Facebook.

This would help you respond in no time and seize the opportunity from Facebook right away.

The best part is you get a single-window console to manage conversations at scale.

You can apply keyword filters to segment Facebook prospects and customers based on their responses and respond faster. 

Over and above, you get a fully mature compliance mechanism that prepares you to get around any compliance requirement on your way.

You can opt-in or opt-out users selectively by department, number, channel, content type, etc.

Besides, you can add custom fields to meet the requirements of a specific business use case.

What’s more interesting about 360 compliance is you can opt-out customers based on their intent with AI-based opt-out in addition to keyword-based opt-out.

Transform the Way You Manage Facebook Audiences and Interactions 

How users manage their Facebook accounts and brand presence on social platforms deeply affects their lead counts and sales. So, with the right set of tools and features that you get with ultimate Facebook Salesforce integration, it becomes easier for brands to build brand awareness and generate more opportunities. Also, by syncing the data of Facebook and Salesforce, users can harness the power of CRM to the fullest to run more targeted ads and SMS campaigns and manage interaction with Facebook audiences way better.

To penetrate deeper into the capabilities that you get with Salesforce Facebook integration through 360 SMS, reach out to our experts at or contact us here.

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