Top Trends in the SMS Industry

Top Trends in the SMS industry

Text messages or SMS or Short Messaging Service are just different names of the same thing. People have been depending upon it in the most unusual ways. There has been heavy usage of its implications all around the world. People are going crazy over the derived results in lower costs as well as reduced time period. The present era has been witnessing the total transition of these communication mediums over time. Talking about the inception and history of text messages, we can just say that these are among the oldest modes of communication of mankind. They have been serving people at its best to help them achieve their long-term goals in a sustainable manner. The blog highlights the top key trends of the SMS Industry which have been changing the perception of the people about the same. Continue reading to get more thoughtful insights.

Topmost trends of the Texting Industry

The following mentioned are a few major trends that have been playing an important role in the year 2019. Have a look:

  1. Customized Texts

Your audience feels quite special when you send them a personalized text message on their special days. Those may be birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They feel that they are important to you, and this matters a lot. So, start sending personalized SMS to your audience if you haven’t started yet.

  1. SMS over Emails

There is no denying the fact that texts have replaced emails in this highly technological era. It is because of their capability of providing the people with high-tech results in a comparatively shorter time frame. People prefer SMS over calls or emails because they can be seen, replied or taken action upon on-the-go even without using the internet.

  1. Automation/ Keyword-triggered Texting

Today, people are much interested in getting responses at a faster rate. It can be easily done via automation or what we can refer to as keyword-triggered texting. It also helps you bring more number of customers due to fast and automated responses. Hence, the power of technology combined with texting must never be neglected.

  1. Hyperlink Placement

It looks much more attractive and professional when you send out texts to the people with a hyperlink placed in it. It makes it more of a multimedia message. Moreover, it helps you track whether the person has even opened the link or not. You can also track the number of times it got clicked, so a win-win situation.

  1. MMS

Inserting multimedia files like images, voice notes, etc. can always be an eye-catcher. It can help you attract the maximum audience in a single go. Also, it looks more attractive and your audience will be thrilled to receive the same and feel the urge to explore more. It is definitely quite a helpful feature.

So, these were a few trends currently prevailing in the SMS industry. There are several more too other than these ones, but these are the top ones for a reason. Are you still stuck on emails and phone calls? Do you feel you are not getting enough leads from the modes of communication you are using at the present moment? Then, you are just in the right place. The blog might help you achieve your goals in an easy and efficient manner.

On a concluding note, it can also be said that SMS has been a vital part of our lives, whether personal or professional. If you are not among the ones using texting apps in order to get better results, then you must start it right away. Looking for the best text messaging app for your business firm? You are just in the right place. 360 SMS App, Salesforce Native App can be your ultimate savior. It empowers you to use SMS to connect with your customers, prospects and business partners in the best way possible. Connect with our SMS experts now and experience the best texting can provide you with. Get on board with us today!

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