What we Learned from Dreamforce 2019

major highlights from salesforce dreamforce 2019

So, another spectacular event by Salesforce just took place with a bang. Yes! Dreamforce’19 was one of the biggest technology events of the year, comprising of almost everything one could ever ask for. Undoubtedly, it was the greatest learning experience for all the Salesforce enthusiasts who have gathered for it from different corners of the world. Being one of its kind events, it has always provided people with amazing opportunities to get ahead along with letting them know how they can work in a better manner each day. Let us discuss the major learnings from the biggest yet another spectacular event of the year.

Major Highlights from Dreamforce’19

The following mentioned comprises of the greatest learning insights from this year’s Dreamforce:

Together, Trailblazers are Impactful

The foremost learning states that the community of related trailblazers is not less than anybody else. It is powerful and highly capable of creating the required impacts using the latest form of technology. Knowing about the secrets of success and effective customer service, Trailblazers have already mastered this art.

Salesforce Customer 360

These were the words that were present on everyone’s mind on this occasion. Who would not like to know their customers in a better way to serve them at their best? This was an integrated effort to help the companies know their prospects as well as clients in the best possible manner.

Einstein Voice Skills

The next most happening thing was the major display of the advanced capabilities of the Einstein Voice skills powered via artificial intelligence that can give your business the much-needed lift. It is considered one of the greatest achievements until now helping businesses make major profits from the same.

Magic of 5G

The latest technological update in the form of 5G has been making people realize its worth lately. Its infinite potential is already creating headlines in the market. Even today, people view 5G as no less than a sort of magic. It is helping people pave ways to a sustainable yet brighter future ahead.

Sustainable Development Goals

It makes people understand the importance of going ahead with goals that encourage sustainable development considering their present needs and interests in mind. It is always advised to make the most out of such conditions so that there is no overall loss.

Innovation is the Key

Being innovative is the only thing that can help you reach great heights in the coming years. Coming up with something unique and different makes you capable of bringing a difference. No matter what you sell, but what matters is how you sell. So, being creative never goes out of trend.

Barack Obama as Special Keynote Guest

This event was quite unusual for a wide variety of reasons. The next one being that 44th U.S. President Barack Obama was invited as a special keynote guest presenting his view on leadership, diversity and hard work. He talked about his other few learnings from life as well.

Partnership with Apple

Like the previous year, this year too, Apple CEO Tim Cook was seen during his conversation with Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff. He talked about the new advancements that are yet to be seen in the iOS apps for Salesforce CRM. He also discussed keeping users’ privacy as the top priority.

These were just a few major highlights of Dreamforce’19 and how we can justify it being bigger and better for this particular year. This year too, we learned a lot of new things, whether it was about making the work experiences better or generating higher revenue.


On an ending note, it would just be appropriate to mention that Salesforce CRM has been a wonderful platform to bring along the businesses and customers together. Maximizing the sales and revenue generation, has acted as a powerful tool to help businesses reach the next level. Dreamforce’19 was one of the biggest yet knowledgeable events of the year providing people with enough learning insights to help them grow their businesses, reach out to the maximum people and hence, avail a larger number of profits in the first attempt

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