Hyperlink Click Tracking

Twitter was inspired by SMS and the 140 character limit is in place to keep Twitter simple and accessible to all users, just like the text message…….

Hyperlink Tracking’ allows you to track the number of times a link in the SMS got clicked. It can help you understand whether the customer has even opened the link or not. Depending upon your observation, you can easily track the reason behind it.

Why is Hyperlink Click Tracking Important?

This unique functionality is important to make you understand where you lacked in forming the right message that people didn’t even bother to click open the attached link. It can also help you to know how many times did the person open the given link so, it will help you understand their needs and interests accordingly.

How 360 SMS App can help with Hyperlink Click Tracking?

You will get the exact number of times the link was click opened.

You will get the time-stamp too, i.e. time and date of the first as well as the last click.

The link will automatically be shortened so that your character limit is not exhausted.

It can help you to know whether your message was able to make an impact on the people or not.

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