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 11th november,2020

10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EsT | 12:00 pm cst

Pull up a chair and tune in as Healthcare Marketing vet, Anthony Lujan unravels transformative powers of text-automation and how it’s helped his firm ditch expensive and ungainly data-capture mechanisms.

Rethink how you see webforms and find out how you can convert them into trackable SMS journeys.



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Anthony Lujan
Founder & CEO, Launch My Study

With more than 2 decades in healthcare marketing behind him, Anthony’s firm, Launch My Study, helps healthcare practices optimize and achieve reliable clinical-trial recruitment through social media marketing.


Manav Sachdeva
Account Manager (US), 360 SMS App

Our strategic Account Manager for the US region with extensive expertise helping clients succeed in Mortgaging, Recruitment, Education, and Non Profit verticals. In a former life, Manav has provided technical consulting for businesses using 360 SMS.

What you'll learn

How do you strategize texting for customers with a Community License?

What’s the best use of Text as a medium to collect data?

How do you lower Cost & Effort for Prospect Acquisition?

What are the perils, like data-siloing, that come with non-native applications?
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