Make the switch from 1-way
to 2 way-communication

over a familiar, intuitive chatting-interface.

Get one-view access

to alerts, powerful filters, touchpoints, and engagement histories

What one-on-one conversational capabilities mean

to your bottom-line.

Respond when interests are still fresh,

just the way customers like it.

Reply and engage over preferred channels

to ensure delivery, send multimedia.

Filter responses

for faster references & search.

Stay Alert

with refreshes in real or near-real-time.

Help & Empower Representatives
Close More Conversations

Take Control Of the Conversation

  • Switch between multiple channels right from text-bar

    over SMS, MMS, OTT-platforms, and Voicemail.

  • Access & Share templated messages

    from folders for approved messages.

  • Get Delivery Reports

    For URL Link Tracking.

  • Engagement Histories

    for recorded conversations, previous messages, URL clicks.

  • Switch between chats

    to multitask between conversations.

Roll-up Separate SMS Conversations
to Parent( Master) Conversations

  • See all parallel conversations in one-view

    with separate badges for context.

  • Display all messages

    sent to a recipient.

  • Schedule different messages

    for different uses, relationships, and scenarios.

  • Contextual search & discovery

    for previous messages.

With 360’s One-on-One Conversations,

Expect Faster Adoption & Time Savings

  • Criteria based filter to reduce search-time.

  • Familiar Intuitive Interface, Zero Learning Curve.

  • Access complete profiles, Steer individual conversation.

  • Assurance of message delivery to avoid Spamming.

  • Immediate chatting.

  • Reduced navigation effort.

  • Less Ticketing, Lead Debt.

  • Time Savings in message search.

  • Drive down Call Volumes.

For Marketing Purposes

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