Message Templates

Capture, Assign and Convert
Prospects, Deals, and Cases

Service Automation

Customer Service and Self-Help services
Automated Service Interactions
Voicemail Response (for rejected calls, greetings)


Filtered ListViews
URLs tracking for engagement analytics
URLs for Knowledge base articles
Engagement analytics for recurring cases, value addition


Phone Number Management for agent-numbers
Reordering, Re-scheduling, Payments
CTI, Incoming Alerts

List Growth

Lead Acquisition
Recruitment Operations
Candidate Qualification and Surveys
Automated Sales Interactions
Automated Conversations and Salesforce Actions

Recipient Actions

Consent Management and Opt-Ins
Prospecting, Detail-capture, and Response-Tracking

Engagement analytics & Payments

Shortened On-brand Payment URLs
Large-scale Campaigns
URL Tracking
Tracking for Cross-sell and Up-sell External links

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