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What Bulk Texting in Salesforce & 360 SMS does for Industry

360 Sms App What Bulk Texting in Salesforce

What Bulk Texting in Salesforce & 360 SMS does for Industry

Those of you familiar with texting’s early days will tell you how text has taken over completely compared to its humble beginnings. This alone should indicate the appetite for text-based communication across the world. With the least barriers to audience outreach, SMSes project themselves as an effective, efficient tool for business operations.

Texting has since, successfully managed to gain the trust of business personnel with a reputation for serving customer needs accurately. This is also owed to the fact that customers find more comfort and convenience in connecting through texting, than over a call.

Salesforce Native Texting For All Business Communication Needs

Considering the consistently rising graph of text usage in industries, the Salesforce-powered 360 SMS app is designed to accommodate the unique texting needs of modern businesses.

With bulk texting in 360 SMS businesses can now push communications to millions over any communication channel (SMS, WhatsApp, Voicemail, FB) in one fell swoop.

Here a look at how bulk messaging helps some key verticals

Real Estate  

Most often, businesses require bulk messaging to kick-off initial outreach to prospects.

While handling prospects, realtors may come to liaise with parties on all sides of a property deal, with differing concerns like selling, renting, or purchasing.

So, when you’re looking to send messages to prospects to inform them about properties available in their desired area (city or county), you need to filter your lists, weeding out those interested in selling or renting out their properties. To accommodate your need to send out bulk messages to specific target audiences, you can customize your list using filters and logics, and send texts through ListViews within minutes.

Education & Higher-ed 

Educational institutions are known for constantly communicating with students, parents, and staff. They’ll often need to connect with students of a specific class to circulate time-sensitive information like urgent meetings, class tests, etc. This is where bulk SMS through ListViews can help out with a customized list of students.

Apart from this, events and ceremonies have always been an integral part of the higher education experience. Venues, dates, and itineraries for these may also be pushed out to students & parents by the institution. Invitations are one place where you could reach audiences at scale with so much ease through SMS from Reports in 360 SMS.

E-commerce & Retail

Whether it’s the special yearly sale that needs to go live or any special discounts offered on a  specific product category, letting customers in on new deals is now child’s-play.

With Bulk SMS form Reports, not only can you send texts at scale, but pictures through MMS too. This gives you the opportunity to present visuals of a new range of products to go with your message and arouse more interest.

Just an enticing picture or a short video of a product can do wonders to intrigue potential buyers and foster purchase decisions instantly.

Reach huge numbers in one go, Cut back on busywork

Don’t limit your Salesforce usage to Listviews and Campaigns. Get your reps 360 SMS to free them up and send richer messages to many more recipients in one shot across all channels.

Straightforward and easy-to-use, sales and marketing teams can turn weeks worth of work into minutes. You’ll cut back on manual efforts and time-investment, spend less time choosing recipients, and extend your Salesforce capabilities and returns with this Salesforce-native app.

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