80% of people are currently using texting for business…………

Call Auto-forwarding

360 SMS App also provides with wonderful functionality of Call Auto-forwarding with the help of which you can direct the phone calls to any other number when you are busy or when you are not available to attend the call. You have complete access over this feature in the CTI version of the app. You can enable and disable it as per your own convenience. This way, you would not be missing any important calls even when you are not available. You can go for a follow-up with the respective person later in order not to miss any information.

Bring Your Own Number (BYON)

So, with the help of this feature, our customers get an option to bring their own number if they wish to. It can either be a landline, Skype or even a VoIP number depending on its availability. Although, this is not applicable for landline numbers. This way you can use your already existing number to connect with your customers or prospects via texts. There is no need to change the number or get a unique one to communicate them later in the future. It has its own advantages which you will discover on opting for it.

Global Coverage

360 SMS App completely supports global coverage. We have our customers from all across the globe; the US, APAC, and EMEA being the most popular ones. We believe that when it comes to serving the people at our best, boundaries must not be an excuse. We provide our services all over the world. Being in this journey for the last 2 years, we have brought more than just revenue. We have brought smiles on people’s faces releasing their stress of communicating with others. We also believe in spreading our services to the areas to which it has not reached yet. Hence, 360 SMS App aims to bring more and more people closer with each year passing by.

Supports Multi-Language

Our app which is natively built on Salesforce supports all languages of the world. We are not restricted to a particular number of languages, but rather you can use any language you want to use. This can also help you bring your customers, prospects and business partners a little closer to you so that you can work as per their business needs and requirements while creating a personalized bond with them. Still thinking? Get on board with us now to experience the magic.

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