Your system admins are busy people.So when they get responses to bulk messages and campaigns, they can’t be expected to route them individually to different teams – that’s crazy talk.

Avoid this.

Let your recipients know who to contact upfront.




(That was probably us.)

You’ll no longer need to run as many campaigns as the geographies you target
and let Sticky Sender assign numbers automatically without error.
Multiple sender numbers become hard to keep track of and can disorient the client.
This washes away all the advantages that come with a single point of contact (SPOC).
Setting up a message routing takes extensive coding each time
Sticky Sender well parameterized and covers all your criteria for assigning an account manager or service agent to a response.

Your business isn’t shady, then why look it?

Use the same Geographic Phone Number and Sender ID every time you call or message a customer
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