Utility Bar

A late response to incoming messages can lead to the loss of many opportunities. Identification of newer and older messages in just one glance with the help of color codes allows users to prioritize responses and respond faster to maximize conversions.

Conversation View

Better customer handling is the key to long-lasting relationships with customers. With conversation history and message format & filters options, agents can pick up the conversation from where they left and get into meaningful interactions, and carry on conversations on the customer’s preferred channel.

Link Tracking

URLs provide an effective way to send any detailed information without exhausting the character limit. With auto-shortened URLs, users can redirect audiences to the desired page and gauge their intent by measuring a URL click-through rate. Above all, users can improve their brand recognition and trust for things like payment gateways with the help of custom branded links.

SMS Drip Campaign

Automation is the key to accelerate business processes. SMS Drip Campaign is robust messaging automation that helps businesses send a series of text messages at their preferred date and time. Users don’t have to keep track of every text that needs to go out which reduces their manual intervention after initiating a campaign.

Application Numbers

Every type of application number or phone number comes with distinct qualities. So, understanding of application numbers allows users to pick the one for them suited most to their use case and achieve the desired outcome like brand recall, marketing, outbound messaging, or inbound messaging.

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