Take our messaging expertise Wherever you go

Expand your business to non-English markets like a pro.
Make your business presence feel globally local and hyper-local

Pioneering Text Message Language Automation in Salesforce- Now in Other Languages

Supports input from ALL languages

Send messages in all scripts and character sets to let locals read messages in their native vernacular.
Or just automate pre-made templates for each language for reserved keywords.

Route customers to agents for a dedicated language

Assign message originators for campaigns and bulk messages by language proficiency. Make customers feel like they’re at home and in the right place

Send messages globally

Push messages without borders and reach new markets for opportunities – all while you manage communication strategy, automation, and cost centrally Choose from multiple channels like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber to get around country-to-country texting barriers

Make your global outreach unstoppable

Pair up our app with multi-language templates and texting channels

popular in the target geography
Receive replies over numbers manned by agents of the same language

Not just Multiple Languages
Manage international messaging completely when you combine it with our in-built solutions

Have an offshore team. Use prioritize incoming alerts by geography so you never delay a response.

WeChat and Viber to reach Asian and East European Markets

WhatsApp to get around country-to-country texting barriers

Choose originators automatically for consistency in contact details

Filter replies by keywords in any language and segment audiences for next steps

Multi-language support for international & interstate text operations

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No matter where you are from, we provide Global Coverage.

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