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Legal advisors spend the bulk of their time in administration It’s time to flip that ratio with Salesforce Text Messaging for Law Firms

Get back your billable hours

With 360’s comprehensive solutions, prioritize your practice, whether you’re a do-it-all solo practice or a larger one Leverage Salesforce CRM and messaging to capture essential case data early

Automate alerts, Improve Collections

Automate reminders for payment collection Send shortened on-brand URLs that your clients can trust and collect payments more conveniently

Track case lifecycles, crucial dates

Remind the client of critical due dates, share disclosures, invoices, notes, and more Track case progress and documentation and send relevant personalized follow-ups to keep clients on their feet

Automated Interactions
  • Bulk message tom millions and Market Legal Services
  • Engage Clients
  • Capture and evaluate essential case data early on
Legal Appointments
  • Call Forwarding 
  • Auto Response when advisors are away
  • Confirm and reschedule appointments to maximize billing
Case Tracking and Management
  • Set Up custom billing and reporting processes
  • Get Alerts, Updates, Record Interactions
  • Integrate toor migrate from Clio

Give yourself more legroom, and respond at your convenience with call forwarding

Automate preliminary interactions and follow-ups  to capture case data
Send and track links to important webforms or Replace webforms with text

Supports all sizes and types of legal practices

Our messaging services are also highly customizable and can be shaped perfectly to adapt to any operational size and the legal specialization your legal practice provides

Supported Legal Specializations

Civil Litigation, Criminal Defence, Personal Injury Law, Family Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate Law, Family Law, General Practice, Government Law, Immigration Law, IP (Intellectual Property) Law, Immigration Law, In-House Counsel, Employment Law, Elder Law, General Practice, Administrative Law, Bankruptcy Law, Business Law,  Compliance Law

Legal Practice Sizes

Client Law Firms, Attorneys,  Full-service Law Firms, Solo Practitioners, Small Firms, Mid-size Law Firms, Large Law FIrms

Triggered Messages

Managing business compliance for clients?
Push updates to clients each time their case progresses to a new stage, or a regulatory due date draws near

1-on-1 Conversations

Speak to case applicants one-on-one through text or just call them for clarity when legal advisors get stuck

Bulk Message to millions

New regulations in your state? Be the first to respond with scalable and personalized bulk messages to  capture the market when the compliance rush starts

Automatic assignment

Retain clients, Build on trust and familiarity Ensure that the originator for all a client’s messages, even bulk alerts is the same advisor

Alerts and Reminders

Legal Clients prefer lawyers that know their case, Remind clients of you  to stay top of mind  So, when they rush to meet compliance and hearing deadlines,  they think of you first

Salesforce SMS for Legal Agencies
Automate busywork and administration,
Improve revenue and collections for Legal Practice

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