What’s a Drip Campaign?


Drip Campaigns are prescheduled messages that need to be sent out based on defined offsets or delays and are a vital part of modern MarketingOps.

Drip Campaigns in 360 SMS

Your Nerve-Center for Marketing Operations

The 360 SMS Drip Campaign is a module within the 360 SMS App that lets you set-up, run, and save drip campaigns and their message templates.

Only now, you can also use over existing campaigns to meet prospects across all major channels touchpoints like SMS, WhatsApp, Voicemail, and Facebook Messenger.

The underlying similarities in architecture across Salesforce clouds like Sales, Service, and Marketing allow Campaigns to be set up over even the most customized record types.

Try this out on Leads & Contacts in a Sandbox in our free trial.

How Drip Campaigns are run in 360 SMS

The most prominent known use case for Salesforce Campaigns are actions triggered by the Process Builder.

With 360 SMS Drip Campaigns,  you could set up the Process Builder to trigger actions and send templated communications over any channel of choice.

You could set up Drip Campaign stages & actions for Consumers, Partners, Vendors, Product Users, Tickets,and Applicants for a service.

360 SMS also allows marketers to pick ‘stop conditions from the Process Builder to stop campaigns automatically based on time, responses, or progress status.

Alternatively, you could easily stop Campaigns by checking a Stop Drip Campaign checkbox on any Record Detail Page.

  What We’ll do for Complex, Drip Campaign Requirements


For more complex development requirements and custom objects, we’ll host detailed run-throughs. This will show you how 360 SMS performs for your processes and intended use.  

Full-featured Guided Demonstration

To show you how Drip Campaigns in 360 SMS can be easily configured to meet changing requirements and expectations from Drip Campaigns in your work settings.

Running Drip Campaigns in bulk

Customer Success Management teams use Drip Campaigns from Process Builder. To initiate bulk Drip Messages, we need to create a Drip Campaign applied record through Dataloader.

Generate Inquiries, Not SPAM

Stay off block-lists and keep other campaigns from being jeopardized.

Automate payment follow-ups.

Send out mandatory onboarding messages with itineraries for the first few days for customers, students, partners, etc.

Educate prospects, generate inquiries, and keep leads responsive with follow-ups to contain sales rep efforts.

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