360 SMS Joins 1% Pledge Commits To Giving Back

360 Sms App Pledges to contribute all products usage licenses

About 1% Pledge

Pledge 1% initiative was founded by Atlassian, Rally, Salesforce, and Tides to encourage companies and early-stage start-ups to make philanthropy a core concern. The movement helps businesses incorporate community giving into their business model and become a force for meaningful change.

The idea of a 1% pledge 

  • Reinforces the idea of businesses as platforms for change
  • Help companies embed philanthropy and giving into their business fabric
  • Brings business closer to making a real impact over time

1% Pledge In Action

How the 1% Pledge Works

Participating businesses are encouraged to commit a percentage of equity, resource time, profit, or product licenses to a nonprofit’s cause

How does 360 SMS give back

360 SMS pledges a percentage of all its product usage licenses to registered non-profits looking to make positive change in the world

Comments From The CEO

“The 1% Pledge is a scalable model forgiving, in the way, we know best – Product. The pledge program aligns strongly with our values and helps us drive economic and social change with tools that we have complete confidence in and know to have tremendous potential for community impact. We’ve been able to ensure that our products are accessible and work for everyone, not just businesses.”

-Siddharth Sehgal,
CEO and Founder, 360 SMS App

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