Engage directly with Chinese speaking audiences using Salesforce for WeChat

Tap into China’s
most popular multipurpose app

Reach a dedicated audience of students and travellers

360 Sms App We Chat Salesforce Integration business

Get richer data about
customer personas
from the superapp

Look into other aspects of
a customers behavior
that may be relevant
indicators for your business

Scale messages to millions globally

other apps

Support for
20 Languages

Influencer Advertizement

End-to-end interactions

Branded Content

Seamless app Experience

Target customers
where they are

With 1.32 Billion active users,
WeChat makes reaching audiences much simplers

360 Sms App Wechat Target customer reaching audiences
360 Sms App WeChat is own appstore and boasts high user activity levels

Higher activity

An app that’s used for everything, from video calls to splitting payments, and sending gifts.

WeChat is its own appstore and boasts high user activity levels

Engage audiences
Much faster

  • Manage subscribers
  • Broadcast messages
  • Connect to stores and payments
  • Automate replies to customer inquiries

Respond to customers
over a familiar platform

  • Support and serve customers faster
  • Send auto-replies triggered by keywords
  • Advertise, engage, and respond over the same platform


Yes, 360 SMS is an advanced Salesforce native SMS app that provides WeChat as a pre-integrated channel along with ten other channels, eliminating the need for separate integration for different communication channels and cutting back on business expenses.

Yes, Salesforce supports WeChat. To access WeChat capabilities along with Salesforce, users can choose a Wechat Salesforce app or a multi-channel app from AppExchange that supports WeChat. This is the best and quickes way for WeChat Salesforce integration. This way, users can use WeChat in Salesforce and other out-of-the-box messaging capabilities of the app, like powerful messaging automations, scalable texting, and many more.

The quickest and most straightforward way for WeChat Salesforce integration is the AppExchange app. Users can choose a WeChat-supported texting solution and incorporate Salesforce WeChat messaging capabilities in Salesforce within a few minutes. This way they can easily use Salesforce for WeChat texting.

Salesforce WeChat Integration for Messaging

Send bulk messages from reports and scale messages to millions globally with Salesforce WeChat Integration

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