Import contacts, templates,our message composer,
and more with just point-and-click

Easily synchronize 360-degree views in Salesforce

All messaging history is synced into Salesforce without writing automation for each task

Bring powerful drag-and-drop into Marketing Cloud

Import custom field values from data in Salesforce and apply filters in Marketing Cloud

Simplify creation and use of message templates by teams

Create new messages more often by simply importing templates created in 360 SMS app

Eliminate dependence on Tasks in the Marketing Cloud

With integration and point-and-click so good, you’ll never use Tasks in the Journey Builder again

Save time spent setting up automation repeatedly

No Process Builders needed

With other integrations and connectors, relevant fields and templates need to be brought over manually

No need for Developer support

Other Marketing Cloud integrations for messaging need new configurations every time a task is modified or a new marketing journey is created

Maximize returns from data funnels
and the Marketing Cloud

Consolidate and establish a single-truth

for marketing data across sales and marketing teams me

Import and reuse marketing data

from any data source for mobile-first campaigns

Personalize, import, and edit messages

and templates, merge them with any custom field values

Give sales teams easy access
to actionable data from the Marketing Cloud,
right within Salesforce

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