“We wanted a WhatsApp solution to connect with our candidates with a high response rate. We found the 360 SMS app to be state-of-the-art in communication.

Since we started using the 360 SMS App, our response rate has increased by 50%+ from our candidates, which gave us higher chances to generate revenue.

We searched for other applications for texting in Salesforce before and found 360 SMS to be the best product.”

We wanted a WhatsApp solution to connect with our candidates with a high response rate. We found the 360 SMS app to be state-of-the-art in communication. Since we started using the 360 SMS App, our response rate has increased by 50%+ from our candidates, which gave us higher chances to generate revenue. We searched for other applications before and found 360 SMS to be the best product.


The texting app market is crowded; pick only the best for Texting from Salesforce.

Every great feature in Salesforce texting happened here first.

  • 2-way Drag-and-Drop Chatbots
  • Point-and-Click Drip Campaigns
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Bulk Messaging from Reports
  • Phone Number Management
  • User-defined Consent Management
  • Multichannel Inboxes
  • Power-Texting

And we’ve perfected the classics too.

  • Peer-to-peer messaging
  • Automated Messaging
  • After-hours Messaging
  • Automated Responses

Access exclusive Salesforce text messaging capabilities wherever customers are.

Get on a first-name basis with customers with 9 pre-integrated business channels in one Salesforce text messaging app.


Land messages directly in the customer’s notification bar, even if you use feature phones without any apps

Facebook Messenger

Drive business to your FB page and reach the most customers globally on any device, even the desktop


Send approved messages and keep the 24-hour consent open with auto-scheduled messages


Rule the customer DMs with in-store experiences and outclass other Instagram businesses


Communicate deeper with a captive, affluent Chinese-speaking audience base


Target lower-end devices, features, and tablet phones in Eastern Europe


Tap into LINE’s loyal Japanese and South-East Asian userbase


Humans are geared to respond to visuals and multimedia evokes a faster response – tap into that evolutionary advantage


Break into the South Korean market with an insanely popular local app

The #1 Text Marketing App for a reason.

  • Set up Campaigns, Automated Messaging, and Automated Actions in Salesforce
  • Send messages to millions with Salesforce Bulk SMS Texting, Multichannel Bulk Texting
  • Handle millions of 2-way conversations parallelly with Chatbots and P2P messaging
  • Group any number of contacts by keyword response
  • Personalize messages in bulk
  • Send automated responses to customers in real-time
  • Automate Salesforce actions on any objects based on keywords
  • Generate complete messaging analytics and more granular reports on Salesforce

Find branded numbers and keywords for any geography.

Get quality phone numbers and keywords.

70% prefer SMS, Better throughput with a vanity short code

Send out more Salesforce text message

Get reserved shortcodes of your choice and increase messaging volume, pay less per message, and use unlimited keywords

Dedicated and Shared Short Codes, Vanity Numbers, Long Codes, and VoIP.

Get all kinds of phone numbers; just ask.

Give your brand a memorable numeric identity with a short vanity number, expand your mobile messaging list, and send more messages faster

Text-to-Landline, Porting, Hosting

Keep your old, memorable number

Don’t want to confuse patrons with a new number?Enable texting on the business landline.

Sell 4x more and send more reliable updates.

  • Boost sales with text-based discounts
  • Automate a lot with one keyword: actions, campaigns, chatbots, customer support, sign-ups, and opt-outs
  • Re-engage powerfully with call and email avoiders
  • Build loyalty programs on SMS, get feedback through Salesforce text message surveys
  • Update customers reliably with SMS alerts Notify customers about new services and products
  • Reduce no-shows to appointments considerably with automated reminders and rescheduling
  • Manage orders effectively using texting from Salesforce – track and confirm orders, send delivery updates

We’re raising the bar for B2B texting.

Rated 5/5 across online review platforms for texting.


“With the 360SMS WhatsApp solution,
we can connect with our customers
much faster than through email

The app is easy to configure and
easier to use.”


“The learning curve is small, and the tool is
effective in what it does.

Very easy to deploy and start using. Quick
to go live. The support team has been
outstanding. 360SMS allots you a SPOC
who takes care of all your requirements and
onboarding with near-zero wait times.

Highly recommended!”


“We realized that we could reach our
customers much faster and better with
WhatsApp – the response rate also
increased enormously with WhatsApp.

We implemented this very easily with the
360 SMS app.”


“I have worked with 3 text systems so far, and 360 SMS was absolutely amazing compared to the two others. It is truly a night and day difference. The product itself is wonderful, but I will stress that they made our client experience something truly exceptional.

If it were an option, I would rate them a 20 out of 5!”

360 SMS: Your GO-TO Salesforce Text Messaging App

Salesforce Text Messaging App AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

The easiest, point-and-click SMS Texting Service for Salesforce

Unlock the potential of SMS communication with our user-friendly Salesforce text messaging app. 360 SMS is a point-and-click Salesforce Texting App in the truest sense. Besides this, it lets you send and receive SMS messages directly from Salesforce, enhancing your customer interactions.

Salesforce Text Message Made SIMPLE

With 360 SMS, Salesforce text message is no longer a challenge. Seamlessly integrate SMS into your sales and support processes, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.

ENHANCE COMMUNICATION with 360 SMS, with the most Technically Complete Texting App for Salesforce

Text Messaging ON SALESFORCE Like Never Before with the BEST texting app on Salesforce

Empower your team with the best text messaging on Salesforce experience. Leverage the full potential of SMS to reach your audience and drive meaningful conversations.

360 SMS: The COMPLETE Text Messaging Solution

The LEADING Texting App for Salesforce

Discover the leading texting app for Salesforce – 360 SMS. Simplify your communication strategy, enhance customer engagement, and drive better business outcomes.


Say goodbye to manual texting. With 360 SMS, Salesforce text messaging becomes effortless, saving you time and streamlining your communication processes.

360 SMS: Your Key to EFFECTIVE Salesforce Texting

Salesforce Text Messaging App with REAL Impact

Enhance your customer communication with a Salesforce text messaging app that delivers real results. Engage, nurture, and convert leads like never before with 360 SMS.

The FUTURE of Salesforce Text Messaging

Texting App for Salesforce THAT WORKS

Experience a texting app for Salesforce that works seamlessly with your workflow. Stay connected, close deals, and provide excellent support with 360 SMS.

Stay AHEAD with Salesforce Text Messaging

With 360 SMS, you stay one step ahead. Embrace the future of Salesforce communication with our feature-rich Salesforce text messaging app.

360 SMS: YOUR Salesforce Text Messaging Solution

Salesforce Text Messaging: SIMPLE, POWERFUL

Simplify your communication strategy with powerful Salesforce text messaging capabilities. Engage your audience with personalized SMS messages, driving better engagement and conversions.

EFFICIENT Salesforce Text Messaging App

Unleash the power of efficiency with our Salesforce text messaging app. Manage and monitor your SMS campaigns effortlessly, achieving outstanding results with 360 SMS.

Rule the DMs with us.

4x growth with the #1 Salesforce Texting App.

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