Get closer to customers where they’ll open to you

Texting will bring you closer to their device than other competitors
as you get through to them on their channels of preference

Spend more time closing interested insurance buyers

Get turned away a lot less, avoid window shoppers, and have more meaningful conversations with Templated messages and Automation

Manage relationships and agent territory easily

Use automatic lead assignment and consistent originator numbers
for messages, no matter who sends the campaign

Reduce face-to-face interactions by enabling
Self Service and choice of insurance product, add-ons,
Check Qualification and Eligibility for Insurance,
Establish an easy claim initiation and settlement process by accelerating responses, grievance redressal, and claims to compete with other providers
Announce Policy Updates reliably with SMS
Send branded URLs for payments, Document Submissions
Cross-sell other insurance products like life, health, dental, disability, and retirement cover to existing customers
Payments can slip a customer’s mind, don’t let this grow into an issue
Send reminders for Premiums,
Policy Lapses and Expiry
Also, send notification alerts for claims when they get credited
Book and reschedule appointments easily
Connect customers to policy answers faster
Share policy documents easily and send confirmations,
Respond immediately when customers are interested to close the deal and Enable voice-message for out-of-office hours

Wish customers for important life events

Build insurance agent relationships
and an inbox presence

Turn policy buyers into policyholders and repeat buyers
with reliable insurance communication

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