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Migrate and centralize communication support processes,
Automate subscriber onboarding, promotion, and retention

Offer limited period discounts on premium services,
Get more subscribers with introductory discounts

Assist with hardware management like Wifi and broadband setups, parental controls, connect IoT security and home assistants

Nurture brand advocacy with your best customers, pitch network services to local bodies and communities

Promote bundles premium services, Automate surveys to understand customer preferences

Keep customers coming back and edge out the competition, Reward loyalty, relationship length, referrals Choose any carrier, any aggregator

Educate customers about the problems and solutions you offer

Reduce Customer anxiety and enhance experiences

  • Reduce inbound voice calls
  • Less intrusive than voicemail ads
  • See history, the context of all interactions
  • See incoming alerts from 8 channels

Seize Selling opportunities

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • See interactions over all channels
  • Prevent lapses, inconvenience
  • Cross-sell based on usage data

Reduce support costs

  • Set up Chatbots and IVR instantly
  • Let agents switch to telephony easily
  • Send payment confirmation
  • Distribute jobs and cases easily
Reach out to your entire customer base in minutes  with messaging in Salesforce for ISP, And get most of your messages read > 90 % Open Rate

Market premium infotainment for more usage

Launch plans with entertainment partners
Automate away messages, routing, forwarding
Route and assign inquiries to queues automatically based on any custom criteria.
Schedule response messages at available times

Troubleshoot, collect feedback

Automate guided support to set up connectivity hardware

See custom subscriber details when they call
Pick up conversations where they left off to reduce customer anxiety
Understand problems faster

Capture field data

Collect essential data points on customers for

Bulk Messages, 1-on-1, or calls

Automate marketing messages, service disruptions, and offers to the entire database
Switch to 1-on-1 chat or call when you need to

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