No-shows and repeat site visits are costly
and hold up business Help your customer reschedule,
free up your time for serious customers

When you automate bookings, reminders, and cancellations for appointments with 360 SMS, you can automate what slots the customer can pick from
With up to 93% device reach, SMS reminders pop up on the home screens and notification bars of most devices
Keep meetings short and meaningful by collecting important field data beforehand using dynamic questions and answers sent through SMS

Automated messages let you book more appointments

Schedule and reschedule appointments

Automatically send slots to choose from

Easily cancel and reschedule

Receive confirmations

Send reminders and alerts for appointments

Send options to reschedule along with reminders

Press 1,2, or 3 to confirm an available appointment slot:
1) 12-1 pm
2) 1-2 pm 
3) 5-6 pm

Thanks. Your slot for 5-6 pm tomorrow has been confirmed.

Hi Maria,
You have an appointment today from 5-6 pm.
Reply with 1 to confirm your presence,
3 to reschedule another slot,
and 5 to cancel.

Your appointment today at 5-6 pm had been canceled.

Book appointments by customers at your place of business or practice

Patients for medical checkups

Home-buyers for open-houses and site visits

Students for counselling sessions for enrollments

Loan-seekers with the loan-officers for approval

Check customer availability for a call or home visit by service personnel

Maintenance and installation of an appliance

At-home medical check-ups

Site visit for property valuation and sale

Call back by sales personnel after a sales inquiry

Book more appointments that result in business


An advanced Salesforce texting app helps you automate Salesforce SMS appointment confirmation and reminder texts without much effort, as you can automate texts without coding. You can also use Salesforce's Process Builder and Flow Builder to send automated confirmation and Salesforce appointment SMS reminders after an appointment has been scheduled. Healthcare providers can easily create a workflow to send text messages to patients after an appointment has been scheduled. Automating these text messages helps you To keep patience updated about their appointment and reduce no show at the time of appointment.

As the name suggests, a Salesforce service appointment is an appointment for a service scheduled in Salesforce. Whether you’re using the Salesforce Service Cloud or a texting app in Salesforce, you can send salesforce appointment booking confirmations and reminders to improve support services. With Salesforce service appointments, businesses can schedule, manage, and track customer service appointments, including on-site visits, phone calls, or virtual meetings. They can also use this feature to assign the appropriate service representative to the appointment and track the progress of the appointment, including any updates or changes.
Service appointments in Salesforce can be used in various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, where companies need to provide customer support and maintenance services. They can help organizations to improve their customer service experience, increase efficiency, and better manage their resources.

In Salesforce CRM, an appointment refers to a scheduled meeting or interaction between a customer and a sales representative, service agent, or other personnel. This could include in-person meetings, phone calls, or virtual meetings and is typically used for sales or customer support activities.
Using the appointment feature in Salesforce CRM and a well-defined texting solution, businesses can create, schedule, and manage appointments for their customers effectively and faster. While Salesforce appointment booking, these appointments can be assigned to specific personnel, linked to specific accounts or opportunities, and tracked for progress and follow-up using the calendar feature.

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