Level-up your engagement game with URL tracking
Send on-brand shortened links
that you can track for engagement metrics.

The 360 SMS App lets businesses and users round-out recipient experiences by allowing text messages to send out ‘trackable links’ to measure messaging effectiveness.

Shortened URLs can also include relevant subdomains to build trust. This lets you stay off SPAM lists, besides saving money on character limits.

Trackable links let users of the 360SMS app act as ‘read receipts’ of sorts but also let you gauge interest by checking the number of times and duration that a link was clicked.

Links can be shortened automatically, sent to individual users. Interaction can then return click metrics to be used for drill-down reports, segmentation, and visualizations.


Add new dimensions to text engagement

Link Tracking in 360SMS lets you could push web-links for

  • Case-Deflection,
  • Message-2-WebForm Redirects (for lead capture),
  • Appointment calendars,
  • Recommended Product Listings,
  • Announcements to roll-out new services,
  • Promotional pages, Event Announcements & details, promo-code generators, and so much more.
  • Knowledge-base articles.
  • Seeking consent for compliance
    (“If you click on this link, you agree to our terms.”)
  • Payment Links for Sales – know if customers have received and clicked them. Use the interaction information for payment follow-ups.

A simple click over a notification ‘badge’ on messages in 360’s interface opens up an embedded ‘SMS History Page.’

From here, users can track the number of clicks made over a specific link, first & last, clicks made, along with the date and time.

To account for character limits, upon embedding any links in the text through the 360 SMS App, the link automatically gets shortened so character limits aren’t exhausted.

Did You Know

Messages have a character limit, exceeding which can come at a heavy penalty at 2-3 times the existing messaging cost because such text gets split over 2-3 messages.

(Imagine sending 5k messages and being charred for 10k messages instead!)

Also, lengthy public URLs are cited as the primary reason for being marked as spam and low interaction for URLs shared over text.

Links can also be shortened to ‘on-brand’ contractions that instill confidence and build brand recall.

  • Equally importantly, the feature allows sales teams to gauge interest levels and purchase intent.
  • Instill confidence with branded link contractions that encourages recipients to click the link.
  • Cost Savings on character limits.
  • Get bulk metrics for engagement.
  • Lead into a variety of forms, service roll-outs, or troubleshooting articles

More Miscellaneous Benefits

  • Manageable URLS, Meaningful
  • Trackable
  • Accumulate relevant click-data
  • Your conversations immediately become more accessible
  • You can enrich conversations with high-quality resources
  • URLs Promote sharing, help promote your brand
  • Dependable way to know what your customers want to know about

Long URLs are monkey-butt ugly

  • Look ambiguous, purposeless, adhoc
  • Drowns out brand identity
  • Introduction is brandless
  • Not enticing, Feels like taking a chance on an unknown URL
  • You don’t want to look like an elaborate phishing attempt when you’re not
  • More enticing CTA
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