Combine DE + 360 SMS
Enable Messaging over more Clouds and Channels 

2 More Communication Channels and BYON

Get Ringless Voicemail and Click-to-dial Telephony for existing  Digital Engagement numbers
A combination would bring together 8 channels and also lets you Bring Your Own Number
From 360 SMS
Ringless Voicemail, Telephony, BYON
SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Telegram

4 More Salesforce Clouds

With Digital Engagement Salesforce combined with 360 SMS, businesses get immediate and out-of-the-box engagement features for Sales cloud users that work on the existing Digital Engagement Channels.
A combination of the two would throw possibilities of usage over Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot wide-open.

Look beyond just the Service Cloud Console with DEOS

Since Digital Engagement, while allowing teams to consistently engage over messaging apps and social media, is restricted to Omni-Channel and the Service Cloud console, Combining 360 SMS with Digital Engagement is straight forward and lets you access all 360 SMS innovations

  • Thoughtful Out-of-the-Box features,
  • Parameters and
  • Powerful DIY Automation

for Salesforce-texting across any standard or custom objects

Get the most out of Salesforce Digital Engagement

Enabled Everywhere

Users can access texting on ALL Salesforce Objects and get access to DE’s capabilities across all Salesforce products, even Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot

Thoughtful, Mature
out-of-the-box Text Automation

360 SMS helps you distill a year’s worth of customizations down to minutes of powerful DIY configuration that uses a mature selection of parameters and several pre-installed capabilities.

Client Relationships,
Exceptional Support

360 SMS lives and breathes texting – we’ve done it for 10 years. We have the best pool of Salesforce talent support on hand to give you consistently 5-star rated (AppExchange) support teams with minimal turn-around and maximum fulfillment

Mobile App
for Digital Engagement

On its own, Salesforce Digital Engagement doesn’t work Salesforce 1 Mobile yet. With DEOS, teams can access combined capabilities of Salesforce Digital Engagement and 360 SMS on the go through a Salesforce 1 Mobile app

Extend DE with Proven Out-of-the-box Capabilities

Bare Essentials

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Voicemail
  • After Hours Scheduling
  • Time-zone Management
  • Message Signatures
  • URL-click Tracking

Guided Conversations

  • Template Management
    360 SMS Batch Texting
  • Keyword Processing Automation  on Einstein bots and Process Builders
  • DIY Conversation Trees & Surveys
    (iText by 360 SMS)


  • Incoming Alerts
  • Phone Number Management
    Automatic Response Assignment
  • Engagement Reports,
    Engagement History

A More Complete, Interactive Conversational Experience for Salesforce Digital Engagement SMS operations

Conversation Manager 

(In-line Editing, Single-Window productivity, Filtered ListViews,Faster Response Processing to select and nurture Custom Audiences)

Unknown Number Management 

(Automated Record Creation, 360 Degree Views, Reduced Redundancy)

Triaged Alerts

(Color-coded incoming alerts for managing longer conversations with Configurable priorities)


Salesforce digital engagement is essential to deliver a consistent experience to prospects and customers across all digital channels. Thus, firms can engage with customers and strengthen their relationships, switching between channels without hampering the customer’s positive experience.

Salesforce digital engagement is available for Classic (not available in all orgs) and Lightning versions. For Digital Engagement set-up, permission set license and the Field Service Appointment Assistant managed package are required. Rest, you can set up messaging channels as per your requirements. Users can make Salesforce digital engagement for SMS, WhatsApp, and other channels more complete using the right solution and add-on. Extending its capabilities, users can get a host of messaging features for Salesforce WhatsApp digital engagement, SMS, Facebook, and many other channels. This helps you to deliver superior-quality experiences across different channels and cut back on investments in bot conversations.

Yes, Salesforce Digital Engagement works with Service Cloud and Sales Cloud-both. If you want to extend its capabilities over more clouds and interaction channels, you can opt for the right solution that can provide you with a wide range of other features. For example, Digital Engagement is a 360 SMS add-on that helps you equip Salesforce digital Engagement with powerful automation and messaging capabilities.

Did you know? 
On average a customer interacts with a business through 


communication channels

Salesforce Digital Engagement  & 360 SMS – Much Better Together

Faster route to Digital Strategy 
A DE and 360 SMS combination could get businesses to plan their digital engagement strategies faster-

No Learning Curve
An intuitive, highly optimized interface for the combined channels of DE and 360 SMS would eliminate any issues with training time, productivity, and adoption

Digital Engagement, Done Right

Enable pre-built automation essentials, fill out any gaps in campaign management, and build custom capabilities on top of Salesforce Digital Engagement
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