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More Messaging, More Closed Homes

Text communications are 5 times as likely to be read by prospective buyers.
That plays well into your hands as a realtor
as the vast majority of property-hunting is done over mobile devices.
And together, with a structured messaging strategy,
you can expect to see lead conversions increase up to 1.5 times.

Your First Exchanges With A Prospect The Stepping Stone To A Lasting Relationship

Per observation, less than 5% of web leads are serious about home-buying, whereas he more determined ones
will have met with a realtor at least once and will call you.Further down, interactions and back-and-forths intensify – in persistence and necessity.

These interactions must be responded to swiftly
to help buyers close faster on properties being eyed at by others in the line.

Meanwhile, buyers themselves may also be talking
to several other estate agents from other firms.

At this rate, when it comes to addressing these communication needs and guiding buyers
nothing comes close to personalized texting automation.
Especially for those looking to buy their first home,
you’d be guiding them through stages of what could be their life’s biggest purchase.

Discover What 360 SMS Does
For Real Estate
Send Personalized Invites To Open Houses
With Conversational Messaging

Invite buyers interested in properties around your territory, prompting them to respond with keywords to ‘confirm’ interest or trigger other actions.

Narrow Down The Search
With Buyer Personas

Ask your customers for all the information you need to get started in one shot without frustrating them with back-and-forths.

Get essential information that would influence final purchase decisions
Reduce No-Shows To Open House Visits
With Auto-Responses

Letting busy prospects phone-it-in is good for everyone. With 360 SMS, you can set and reschedule appointments effortlessly with auto-response keywords.

Spend more time prospecting
By Automating basic responses

Most buyers empathize with, even appreciate, being sent details of a listing over text owing to faster, more accurate responses.

With 360 SMS, you could automate more basic responses
to allocate more time to high-value, revenue-generating activities – like prospecting.
Cut back on inquiries and measure interest
With traceable, shortened hyperlinks

Activity over links to additional information like related listings and Google Maps can tell you much about prospects and also help cut back on inquiries at the time of the site visit.

Accelerate Buying Decisions
By Answering Property Inquiries Pre-emptively with Bulk SMS

You’re more likely to succeed with buyers if you have hard facts down early. It lets you zero in on deliberations that matter.

Broadcast updates on: Changes in Interest Rates; New Properties on the Market; Properties Turning Unavailable; Final Calls

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