Your most potent brand asset

Easy number recognition

Own catchier numbers that passers-by can associate with your brand in a matter of seconds.

Higher Reliability 

With pre-approved messages, you can be certain that all of your messages go through.

Memorable CTAs for Ads

Get better returns for ads on-site banners, radio, and billboards with easy member 5 digit numbers.

Text in Massive Volumes

Currently, shortcodes let you send 200 messages a second which is over 17 million messages a day.

360 Sms App get memorable short codes for calls to action

Choose from a variety of Dedicated Short Codes

Dedicated shortcodes are numbers reserved for
use only by you, and over time become
synonymous with your brand identity
Short Codes

Manage, track, and reorder stock automatically from multiple suppliers

Short Codes

Find channels and promotions that bring in the most visitors and collaborate for co-marketing, promo codes

Free To End User
Short Codes (FTEU)

Foot the bill for interested customers, let message recipients reply free of cost to encourage more interaction

We have Shared Short Codes too

Find channels and promote keywords that bring in the most visitors, Collaborate with others for co-marketing, promo codes

We’ll handle everything for you

Pre Approved

All messages are approved by
a designated government
body, which means you never
get marked for SPAM

and Application

We’ll help you throughout the
documentation and
registration process for
using shortcodes


Getting an available number for your
a brand can be an excruciating process
that changes with each country
– leave that to us


Profile individual purchase
behavior to create personas,
automate promotions and
Google Adwords

Issue Global
Short codes

Running a global operation?
Be sure to find a short code
for all global locations

Web Compliance

Numbers issued also have
compliance requirements that
extend to websites,
which we can handle for you

Make The Investment Count


Reduce call volumes and operate with a lean team by qualifying inquiries before they get to the queue

Use the Same
Shortcode for
All Interactions

Pivot into sales, service, marketing, and support operations easily from the same number

Actions and
Capture Data

Capture essential data in Salesforce and trigger actions like emails, tasks, record, and progress updates at scale

360 SMS and
Short codes
– better together

Capitalize on the huge inbound engagement short codes bring with even more capable tools to scale interactions

Promote and Generate Awareness For a Host of Uses

  • Polling
  • Promo Codes
  • Authentication Codes
  • Helplines, and more
  • Coupons and Sales Alerts
  • Public Interest Announcement

“Send PROP YOUR AREA CODE to 53210

and receive property listings in your area”

“Send HELP to 52640

to receive help from a local officer”

“Send DONATE to 32140

to send money for schools”



Create a numerical identity
for your entire brand with short codes

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