Send alerts for transactions and authentication

Viber usaes offline SMS as a fallback and works even on lower end feature phones

Use Viber business accounts to automate messages to customers or speak to them one-on-one to provides support

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No limitations on number of broadcast messages and content

Use Viber communities for branded interactions loyal customers and fans that make you more accessible

Accelerate interactions by prompting customers with standard responses

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Add links and QR codes to your website to pull visitors into a conversation with your business

Check if messages have been delivered, read, or failed to send when interacting with customers

Salesforce Viber Messaging

Get a host of our most Powerful and Exclusive Messaging features and automation, now over Viber


Salesforce Viber integration is a process of connecting Salesforce and Viber, which helps businesses to manage and track their customer interactions through Viber within their Salesforce account. With this integration, companies can receive messages and calls from customers on Viber, view them directly in Salesforce, and respond to these messages and calls from within Salesforce. Salesforce Viber integration also allows businesses to automate tasks related to customer support, such as creating cases or tasks within Salesforce when a new Viber message is received. This integration ultimately allows businesses to improve their customer support by enabling them to manage all customer interactions in one place and provide a seamless experience for their customers, mainly from Europe, Russia, and Asia.

Salesforce Viber service helps businesses in several ways. You can get advanced features for effective Salesforce Viber SMS marketing by choosing a proper Salesforce Viber integration. You can segment audiences and their responses, respond to Viber messages faster, run text surveys, create chatbots, etc., for more personalized and targeted marketing.

Additionally, Viber has a large user base in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia, which provides businesses with a better reach in these regions. This can help them improve business outreach and customer base.

Moreover, the Salesforce Viber integration also supports lower-end device targeting using SMS as a fallback. If a Viber message cannot be delivered due to connectivity issues, the message will automatically be sent as an SMS. This feature can help businesses reach customers who may not have access to high-end devices or robust connectivity, providing them with a broader reach and improving the effectiveness of their communication strategy.

One way to integrate Salesforce and Viber is through Viber API. As this method includes developing a custom integration using the API, this process can be time-consuming and requires technical expertise.

The quickest and most convenient way for Salesforce Viber integration is through app exchange apps. The integration process is hardly a matter of 5 minutes and doesn't involve any coding work, which makes it a simple and straightforward integration between the two platforms, enabling businesses to manage all their Viber communications within Salesforce.
As most AppExchange apps are managed by their vendors, you do not have to worry about upgrades and performance.

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