Know who you’re talking to 
and get an edge on the conversation

Use reverse lookup on phone numbers to immediately
find out registered names, who owns the business,
the carrier used, the preferred channel
(VoIP, Landline, Mobile Numbers)

360 Sms App Verify the Phone validates Phone number in Salesforce

A complete, self-contained solution for outreach effectiveness

pre process mobile number
Pre-process Mobile Numbers for Texting Campaigns and Telephony
Works seamlessly in Salesforce,

Works seamlessly in Salesforce, No need to integrate a separate non-native app

Check out if your phone number

Check out if your phone number are mobile numbers, landlines, or VoIPs

Clean up contact lists

Clean up contact lists used for messaging, Verify numbers from all countries

Data Hygiene for more Conversions
and effective prospecting

Ensure Data Hygiene
Ensure Data Hygiene,
increase Lifetime Value

Want consistent and dependable mobile communications?

Real-time verification cleans right at the source of collection so teams can reach prospects in time

Check if a number
Check if a number
accepts messages 

Ensure phone numbers are active and valid before your teams call or send messages, Do this without any add-ons, unlike other vendors

Fill out customer profiles with geotags, area codes to localize sender numbers and pitch the right products

help agent team
Help agent teams
Convert Effectively

Single out inactive contacts before teams start outreach and campaigns

Maximize  time spent pursuing real revenue opportunities and reduce points of contact

Compatibility for Days

Bulk Verification for Phone Numbers 

Can verify Phone Numbers for Individual Salesforce records, verify records in bulk or verify all records together,

Verification also works through a Process Builder

All Country Codes and phone number formats

Clean up contact lists used for messaging

Check out if your phone number is mobile numbers, landlines, or VoIPs, no matter the country of interest

Over 200 Carriers verified for reliability

When deployed over Salesforce, 200 telecom service providers are referenced  to ensure that every number you have on record is an opportunity worth your time

Everything Just works

Guaranteed to work well with all the other apps in the Salesforce and 360 SMS ecosystem, Supports both Lightning or Classic.

Verifying Numbers is easily the best decision
you can make for bulk outreach


Salesforce phone verification service works by validating phone numbers in real-time. It verifies his number right from the source of the collection. With this Salesforce verification checker, users can manually verify phone numbers and emails by clicking the verify the phone/email button. Plus, with specific changes in general settings, users can also enable the functionality to verify the phone/email while inserting or updating them. This helps users make data reliable, verifying and updating it in real-time with the help of Salesforce Verify the Phone service.

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