messaging automation


Recruit Candidates remotely with fewer face-to-face interviews

  • Choose Sender Numbers Dynamically
  • Account for Dark Hours
  • Reuse configurations from the ‘Last SMS’
  • Trigger texts internally

Our end-to-end automation solution helps reduce customer
acquisition & retention by concentrating

on 2 principal focuses.

For all levels of Salesforce expertise


Over any desired Salesforce automation type and level of process-control.

360 SMS accommodates for and elevates
all levels of process control.

  • Zero-code ‘iText Surveys’,
  • Process Builders,
  • Flows,
  • Apex Code & Triggers, or
  • Third-Party API Integrations.
360 Sms App accommodates for and elevates all levels of process control
  • For changes and updates to record-details.
  • For alerts on Life events or Reminders of upcoming appointments.
  • On creation of new objects or records.
  • On receiving reserved keywords.

Trigger Outbound Text

  • Schedule 
    through Process Builders or Flows 
    by choosing a Templates, URLs, and Recipient Types
  • Choose where to record 
    Responses, and engagement histories
  • Pull & send messages 
    to the latest phone numbers 
    by fetching numbers dynamically at send-time
  • Process Incoming text 
    based on keywords 
    or other attributes like date & times.
  • Schedule different messages 
    for different uses, relationships, and scenarios.
360 Sms App Automated Messaging text
360 Sms App automate surveys

Automate Surveys

  • Choose between cold start questions
    to initiate a survey.
  • Recommended over templates

    for hands-free conversations, zero-intervention
  • More suitable for handling responses,  
    delegating conversations
  • Start at any question, in any survey
    to reuse multi-purpose surveys, avoid repetition

Keep your Automation Options open

  • Process Builder, Workflows, Apex Classes,
    and Triggers (On anything)
  • Custom Code Automation
    Apex Code and Custom Integrations (3rd party API calls).
360 Sms App Custom Code Automation
360 Sms App Dynamically Choose Sender-Numbers

Dynamically Choose Sender-Numbers

  • Point & Click Sender Configuration
    Easily Change senders based on requirements
  • Pull Numbers From Relevant FIelds

    Automatically picks up-to-date senders in real-time.
  • Also, get pre-built choices of sender
    Like ‘Record-Owner’ or ‘Last-Inbound.’

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