Use our Salesforce messaging app automation for

Recruit Candidates remotely with fewer face-to-face interviews

  • Choose Sender Numbers Dynamically
  • Account for Dark Hours
  • Reuse configurations from the ‘Last SMS’
  • Trigger texts internally

Our end-to-end automation solution for SMS messaging in Salesforce helps reduce customer acquisition & retention by concentrating

on 2 principal focuses.

For all levels of Salesforce expertise


Over any desired Salesforce automation type and level of process-control.

360 SMS accommodates for and elevates
all levels of process control.

  • Zero-code ‘iText Surveys’,
  • Process Builders,
  • Flows,
  • Apex Code & Triggers, or
  • Third-Party API Integrations.
360 Sms App accommodates for and elevates all levels of process control
  • For changes and updates to record-details.
  • For alerts on Life events or Reminders of upcoming appointments.
  • On creation of new objects or records.
  • On receiving reserved keywords.

Trigger Outbound Automated SMS in Salesforce

  • Schedule 
    through Process Builders or Flows 
    by choosing a Templates, URLs, and Recipient Types
  • Choose where to record 
    Responses, and engagement histories
  • Pull & send messages 
    to the latest phone numbers 
    by fetching numbers dynamically at send-time
  • Process Incoming text 
    based on keywords 
    or other attributes like date & times.
  • Schedule different messages 
    for different uses, relationships, and scenarios.
360 Sms App Automated Messaging text
360 Sms App automate surveys

Automate Surveys

  • Choose between cold start questions
    to initiate a survey.
  • Recommended over templates

    for hands-free conversations, zero-intervention
  • More suitable for handling responses,  
    delegating conversations
  • Start at any question, in any survey
    to reuse multi-purpose surveys, avoid repetition

Keep your multiple Salesforce SMS automation Options open

  • Process Builder, Workflows, Apex Classes,
    and Triggers (On anything)
  • Custom Code Automation
    Apex Code and Custom Integrations (3rd party API calls).
360 Sms App Custom Code Automation
360 Sms App Dynamically Choose Sender-Numbers

Dynamically Choose Sender-Numbers

  • Point & Click Sender Configuration
    Easily Change senders based on requirements
  • Pull Numbers From Relevant FIelds

    Automatically picks up-to-date senders in real-time.
  • Also, get pre-built choices of sender
    Like ‘Record-Owner’ or ‘Last-Inbound.’


Yes, using a robust Salesforce texting app from AppExchange (like the 360 SMS app), users can schedule messages by defining a date and time or by specifying the offset by the number of days, hours, or minutes. Users can even decide the frequency of messages (daily, biweekly, or monthly) and schedule Salesforce bulk SMS.

Choosing a Salesforce message automation app (like the 360 SMS app), users get a no-code automation solution that allows users to automate Salesforce bulk SMS, text drip campaigns, surveys, questionnaires, and chatbots with just point-and-click capabilities. This way users can easily get started with automated SMS messaging in Salesforce.

On its own, Salesforce can be configured for bare essential capabilities, whereas more advanced marketing automation would need Marketing Cloud or Pardot. Users generally use APIs, connectors, or simple apps to extend the capabilities of Salesforce. But the best thing is to integrate a fully-featured Salesforce texting app to use Salesforce to automate text messages and enable a wide range of features over different channels to automate sales and marketing interactions conveniently without coding.

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