Why use 360 SMS for Instagram, you ask?

All of our best Salesforce Instagram messaging.

Unify with 11 other channels and Salesforce

Centralize data from Instagram with messages from
other channels in Salesforce

Respond instantly to opportunity

Interact at scale with millions using point-and-click
chatbots or text P2P

You can create B2C in-store experiences

Unify the complete B2C journey with 2-way messages
on Instagram

Customers are targeted with just a keyword

Filter target audiences and automate direct messages with one keyword

Create chatbots in a few clicks

Filter responses by keyword

Chat with customers peer-to-peer

Identify channels through badges

Instagram is just better with Salesforce.

Connect social DMs to Salesforce and engage
customers in real-time chats.

Salesforce Heads love 360 SMS for Instagram

  • Create any record easily, like
    Leads, Opportunities, and Cases
  • Route and assign messages to agent queues
    using Salesforce Omni Channel
  • Work no matter what Salesforce edition
    or cloud your Salesforce admin uses

C-Suite gets more power and accountability

  • Automate Salesforce actions on
    any objects with just keywords
  • Get notified of incoming messages and
    store transcripts on the CRM natively
  • Generate complete messaging analytics and
    more granular reports on Salesforce

Rule the DMs.

Combine your brand’s visual aesthetic with engaging messages.

Bring your brand to life
with scalable, consistent

Replicate a perfect
in-store experience on
Instagram with Chatbots

Send messages
globally to the world’s
most personal inbox

Respond P2P
as a brand to
incoming messages

Let your DMs, P2P, and brand messages ride the multimedia wave.

Blow away your loyal fan bases with multimedia messages and personalized chat with advanced texting in Salesforce for Instagram.

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