why people prefer text marketing over email marketing


Company Overview

Mountainside is a nationally acclaimed alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, they celebrated 20 years of providing innovative and comprehensive addiction treatment. They are dedicated to healing patients – mind, body, and spirit by helping them to stay motivated and empowering create a happier, healthier life. Mountainside is a multi-disciplinary team of skilled addiction treatment professionals provides unparalleled support on the road to total wellness. They are committed to educating drug-addicted patients and their family about the nature of addiction, how it has affected their life, and what course of treatment is needed to achieve and sustain sobriety.


Mountainside comes under healthcare industry.


1. Mountainside had very less interaction with their patients or even with the customers who actually want to use their treatments or counseling. As they were only bounded with calls and emails.

2. They were lacking behind in the marketing process because they were not able to conduct a single campaign for the target audience, who were not using smartphones.

3. Unable to share regular information regarding their programs or meetings.

4. Taking feedback from their patients, also conducting regular surveys regarding their programs.


Mountainside took the help of Salesforce Text Messaging Expert “360 SMS App”, to make their interacting process with patients more convenient and automated.


1. Sending Bulk SMS: They are working for the benefits of drug or alcohol addict so they need to share awareness among everyone, even with those who are not using smartphones for that they required a regular messaging solution. With 360 SMS App, it becomes easier for Mountainside to share valuable information through Bulk SMS regarding health and mental challenges due to drugs and alcohol.

2. Regular Patients Interaction: They want a messaging solution for being regular in touch with all the patients, as it’s really hard for everyone to be in touch through emails and calling 360 SMS App benefited them a customized medium of interaction with new as well as old patients.

3. Conducting Surveys: During the end of the process, they needed a feedback process where they can have patients review, for that they required a simple, portable and automated solution. With 360 SMS App, they were able to create an automated survey for all the patients they have. Also, this helps them to understand patient’s perspective in terms of the programs they were running.

4. Share Automated Message: Creating new messages and doing marketing on regular basis is a bit difficult for an organization, so they wanted a solution for non-smartphone users to whom they can either share information or can connect with them on regular basis, without creating new messages on regular basis. 360 SMS App helped them to create automated messages and also can schedule messages regarding different events or meetings regarding their programs.

5. Reminders for Counselings: They wanted a solution for creating reminders for health counseling, through 360 SMS App they were able to create automated reminders on a weekly as well monthly basis. In this reminder, the patient will get an automatic message reminder regarding his session or meeting.


Mountain is now able to connect with their patients through the expert messaging solution on regular basis without any hustle. 360 SMS App helped them to create a process where they were able to connect with their patients, send awareness messages, creating automated surveys and conducting them on a timely basis, conducting marketing process in remote areas etc.

  • Effective marketing through SMS
  • Sending Bulk SMS to patients on a regular basis.
  • Highly satisfied with 360 SMS AppSupport
  • Will able to manage patient interaction

About 360 SMS App

360 SMS is a one-stop text messaging solution for Salesforce. The app empowers users to communicate effectively with customers and business partners, allows marketers and sales users to batch text and enables administrators to automate triggered text messages and even automate the responses. We built an industry-focused messaging app that helps industry leaders to greatly increase customer engagement through 1-on-1 conversational texting, batch texting and AI driven automated texting.

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