Easily automate & send personalized, non-intrusive Voice messages for a 96% listen rate.

This app extension to 360 SMS lets you send non-intrusive voicemail in bulk to create the illusion of a personal missed call.

What is ‘Ringless Voicemail’?

For the uninitiated, Ringless VoiceMails(RVs) are a variation on VoiceMails meant to go straight to a recipient’s Voicemail inbox without triggering a ring.
360 SMS offers a separately purchased Ringless VoiceMail feature that utilizes all the same SMS interfaces, but instead of sending a text message, users can also pick a voice recording file or records a new voice file on the fly. This function works for both individual or batched records, as well as triggers. You’ll need to contact your salesperson to enable this feature, but once enabled, no extra configuration is needed.

Ringless Voicemails are an absolute hit
with recruiting & purchasing journeys.

We’re bringing a first-of-its-kind Salesforce native enterprise Ringless voicemail app that lets businesses pre-record and push Voicemails to individual or batched Salesforce records of intended recipients, just like text.

Personalize audio communications with a human touch for different stages along any kind of prospect-journey

Strategic audio messages sent under the illusion of a missed call.

A desktop Interface to send pre-recorded voice messages.

Sender numbers that ‘stick’ regardless of the Account Owner – Consistent sender details displayed at the recipient end through Sticky Sender.

A ‘Drag-and-drop’ pane to upload finished recordings or create new ones.

Bulk VoiceMails to customers at the same stage in their buying journey.

Pre-recorded generic voice templates that you can send out in one go to recipients at a similar stage in their prospecting journey.


Expedited Cold Calling, Onboarding

Bolstered Client Confidence

Convey Availability, Urgency

Increase Lead Flow

Reduction in Time Spent on Icebreakers and Cold Opens

Greet Clients for Life Events, Project Active Involvement

Automate Personalization Across Stages of Progress

Voicemail Drop Salesforce

Personalize Audio Communications with a Human Touch for different stages of any prospect-journey using Voicemail Drop Salesforce.


Salesforce Ringless voicemail is a non-intrusive way to communicate with customers or clients. Rather than ringing their phone, which can be disruptive and annoying, ringless voicemail goes directly to the recipient's voicemail box, where they can listen to the message at their convenience.
Another benefit of ringless voicemail is that it is scalable. Organizations can use Ringless Voicemails from Salesforce to reach a large segment of people quickly and efficiently, ditching phone calls and typing work.
Also, ringless Salesforce voicemail services are cost-effective compared to direct mail or telemarketing, which helps to save money on their marketing and outreach efforts.
Ringless voicemails are an effective communication channel as recipients are not pressured to receive them immediately, which is the case with calls. Thus, voice messages retain their impact as they get stored in a Voicemail inbox.

Salesforce voicemail drop and Salesforce ringless voicemail are both technologies that allow a pre-recorded message to be delivered directly to a recipient's voicemail box without their phone ever ringing, but they differ in how the message is delivered.
Voicemail drop refers to a technique used in call center operations where a pre-recorded message is played after a live call has been established with the recipient. On the other hand, ringless voicemail, as the name suggests, involves delivering a pre-recorded message directly to a recipient's voicemail without their phone ever ringing. This is typically achieved by using a cloud-based platform that can bypass the recipient's phone ringing and instead sends the pre-recorded message directly to their voicemail box.

Voicemail can be an essential tool for businesses in a variety of situations. It can be used when firms have limited time. They can simply record a message and connect with recipients at scale, eliminating typing work. They can also count on Salesforce ringless voicemail app for effective marketing. They can market business offerings silently without disturbing customers, retaining the impact of business information as messages often lose their impact in case of intrusive marketing messages.
Firms can also use programmable Salesforce voicemail drop service to engage with collars during non-working hours or when customer-facing agents are busy attending to other callers.

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