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Break the ice with your borrowers

Catch homebuyers early and seize opportunity

A great way around this is to leave an impact with a personal message within the first 2-3 minutes of a lead filling out a contact form

This also makes you seem accessible and gets you in front of the customer faster

Break the ice with a personal touch, Get on a first-name basis

Most leads forget your brand after first contact within the first crucial 10 minutes and are lost to a sea of other distractions on the internet.

Use merge fields and templates to send personalized introductions with the data you collect, Get on a first-name basis before the others

Eliminate Phone tag, Accelerate Loan Conversation

Use a single branded shortcode or Sender ID for all communications

Automate messages and status for missing documents for loan progress

Process applications much faster

Get Custom Shortened URLs for Documentation, Payments that homebuyers will trust and use

Use custom domain URLs where authentication is needed, Send and receive documentation from clients for e-Signing

Redirect to payment gateways easily when sending reminders for mortgage installments, and see if borrowers opened those links

Capture Essential Data, Use Chatbots to Qualify borrowers for loan eligibility

Configure Decision Trees and Dynamic Questionnaires in 360 SMS to automate interactive questions driven by keyword replies that help qualify applicants

Let applicants know the loan amounts and revised mortgage rates they qualify for, Help teams have more qualified conversations that hit straight home

Manage Points-of-Contact and Mortgage Team Territories to foster ownership

Geotag Borrowers by area code and manage loan sales territories

Geotag respondents to bulk campaigns through area codes for automatic lead assignment

Keep originator numbers automatically consistent thereafter to build a relationship with the account managers

Connect to homebuyers from anywhere

Choose between 8 built-in channels, Short Codes, VoIP, or Toll-free numbers to encourage homebuyers to respond to campaigns on their preferred communication channels

Choose between SMS, WhatsApp, Telephony, MMS,

Show Borrowers
They’re More Than Just a Number to You

Scale Personalization

Run reports to send personalized messages automatically. Set yourself apart.

Send birthday notifications

Use demographic data to wish borrowers, agents, and realtors on important life events like birthdays

Congratulatory Messages

Congratulate your stakeholders on closing a deal, refinance, or loan approval

Automate Communications Throughout Touchpoints in the Life-Cycle

Record milestones as applicants make the process

Don’t let applications fall through the cracks. Instead, set up a guided application process
Scale relevant communications or actions at each stage and capture time-sensitive opportunities

Trigger time-sensitive actions

Automate multi-channel interactions with all stakeholders to update them on the application process and next steps
Record field data at each stage keep follow-ups consistent and pick up loan conversations where you left off

Update All Stakeholders on Each Stage of the Loan Process

Automate qualification for new leads

Categorize customers by keyword responses
Enable drips on multiple channels. Combine SMS, MMS, Voicemail, and email, and speak to them wherever they are

Update multiple stakeholders at once

Push alerts and reminders on loan progress,
Inform borrowers, co-borrowers, listing agents, referral partners, insurance agents, and title agents simultaneously

Schedule follow-ups, Loan-officer visits

Update custom field data to reflect if the application was ineligible, abandoned, or closed. Use data to trigger actions like follow-ups for 1003 documentation

Keep in Touch After Closure for
New Opportunity and Feedback

Break the ice
Automate Communications
Keep In Touch

Keep In Touch After Closure For
New Opportunity and Feedback, Drive Repeat Sales

Ask Borrowers for Reviews, Feedback

Send out bulk messages to previously funded clients for loan reviews, This lets you establish a touchpoint without being overbearing

Keep in touch after closure

Sending a message at planned intervals helps project an active interest in the client’s best interests, as well as keeps you top-of-mind

Leverage relationships, Drive repeat sales

The idea is to get in front of clients much before they’d even think to refinance their loans, so you always remain the most convenient first-choice

Retarget and Send Follow-Ups
in aN Year-Long, Dependable Drip Campaign

An automated Drip Campaign can be set to pursue opportunities even when teams forget, Ensuring no customer falls through the cracks
So when sales representatives finally, call customers, it isn’t a surprise and they have many points-of-entry to bring them into the conversation 

Stay top of mind, Even after a deal closes – Here’s how

Post Closure

Your customers are always on the lookout for a better deal.
Know what’s on their mind to assess future scope and collect social proof like reviews

Loan Anniversary

Thank applicants for the time they spent with 30 days after a loan is processed and issued.
Communicate the value you associate with the relationship.

Post Closure

Retain relationships and Increase your chances to be called on for a refinance.
Automated personalized agent Voicemail, SMS, and email

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Campaign Evaluate Process Update Retain

Give back teams more time to prospect.

Empower agents to set up processes easily without code

Achieve end-to-end mortgage communications and processing  with a single app integration 

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