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360 SMS App is natively built on the Salesforce platform, this powerful app empowers the user to communicate effectively with Customers, Prospects and Business Partners across the globe through Single/ Bulk SMS/ MMS. Additionally, it helps teams to connect with a large number of clients through wonderful features like Automation, SMS templates, Link Building, etc. With the most advanced Salesforce Texting features, the app is gaining great respect on the basis of easy access, simpler user interface and versatility in the long run. 360 SMS App, the “Top-Ranked Salesforce Messaging App” is capable of marketing your products and services, it enables you to reach more and more clients in a fast, easy and effective way. Increase your customer reach with short and crisp informative messages instead of long, descriptive emails and witness your business excel like never before.

Automated/Triggered Texting
Send Messages with Workflows, Process Builders or Apex Methods.
Batch Texting aka Bulk SMS
Easy Batch Texting aka Bulk SMS Via Views, Reports, or Campaign.
SMS Templates
Simple to create and easily customizable with any object and associated fields.
Conversational 1-on-1 texting
Threaded text messages on any object with Conversation View VF page.
Email Alerts on Incoming SMS
Get email notifications on each incoming text message.
Hyperlink Click Tracking
App comes with an extreme feature, where you can add hyperlink to your SMS and also, you can track the same.
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Additional features
Increase Sales | Reduce Turnaround Time
Artificial Intelligence
AI-based recommendations make the app more efficient for users.
Bring Your Number
Use your existing landlines, VOIP, Ring Central or shortcodes.
Call Auto forwarding
Auto direct any response call to a number of your choice or voice machine.
Supports multiple, simultaneous, two-way text messaging chat sessions.
iText (Surveys)
Increase user productivity by conducting surveys.
Schedule Event Reminder
Messages can be triggered as a response/reminder to any event automatically.
Make/Receive calls using the same Texting number.
Share any sales or supporting contracts in PDF, Excel, Word, etc.
Global Coverage
Supports 190+ countries along with providing excellent support worldwide.
Incoming Dashboards
Get all the notifications for the messages you receive.
Conversation View
See all the conversations in an attractive conversation panel.
Support Multiple Language
Supports all languages across the globe.
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knowledge Base
 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all answers here if you need them

Yes, you can use your company’s Landline number, Ring Central number or any VoIP hosted number with 360 SMS App for Sending / Receiving text messages.

Yes with 360 SMS App, automations can be easily created within few minutes and support Process Builders, Workflows or even calling our methods in Global Apex class. Click Here for the guide to create one yourself today!

All the text messages are stored in the ‘SMS History’ custom object provided by the app. SMS History can be linked to any of your Standard/ Custom objects and just by utilizing this architecture, you can build any reports to meet your specific business use case.

Any incoming message that you receive with a ‘STOP’ keyword will mark the Lead/Contact (Salesforce record) field ‘SMS Optout’ as true. You can also define Opt-out Keywords of your own in the General Settings of the App and use them as per your business use case.

No, we don’t need the API for our app to work.

Yes, the app is capable of allowing you for sending and creating surveys.

Yes, if you have purchased a 10-digit mobile number, it will display that number only. 

No, we cannot port over a Google voice number in the fully paid version.

No, it cannot reply automatically on FB Messenger. But rather, we have come up with our latest integration with WhatsApp to start with.

Yes, you can enable ‘Reply for users’ under the ‘Settings’ tab.

Yes, we do have special discounts for Non-profit organizations.