Get the best with Salesforce KakaoTalk integration.

Align social DMs and Salesforce to interact with customers in real-time

360 SMS for Kakao is loved for many reasons
  • Simplify the process to create records like Leads, Cases, and Opportunities
  • Assign messages to agents with simplified routing using Salesforce Omni Channel
  • Work smoothly on any Salesforce cloud or edition without any hindrance
Better accountability and power for C-Suite
  • Automate your Salesforce actions simply by using a keyword
  • Get quick notifications for your incoming calls and store transcripts natively on Salesforce
  • Get more granular reports for details and message analytics

How using 360 SMS for Kakao can help you?

Get working on best messaging on your side with KakaoTalk for Salesforce.

Bring Salesforce and other channels together

Centralize your Kakao messages with 11 other channels and access it all in Salesforce

Create and deliver great B2C in-store experiences

Easily set up unified B2C journey to conduct 2-way messaging using Kakao

Quickly respond to opportunity

Access features like point-and-click chatbots or text P2P to quickly engage with customers

Use a keyword to reach customers

Simply use a keyword to filter your customers and automate direct messaging

Why 360 SMS for KakaoTalk?

Strike conversions with automated 2-way Salesforce KakaoTalk messaging.

Get messaging automation capabilities in Kakao

Automate Kakao messages and interactive campaigns to 4x conversions

Qualify leads without manual intervention

Put lead qualification on autopilot by configuring a chatbot yourself.

Penetrate email inboxes if required

Penetrate into email inboxes if required

Stay compliant while messaging

Enable selective opt-in and opt-outs to stay compliant while texting

Simplify and speed up Business Communication

Scale business information Reliably
  • Send real-time notifications and updates
  • Automate Announcements, Reminders
Communicate with customers in Real-time
  • Address inquiries
  • Automate responses to common questions with A2P

Message P2P, Qualify with Chatbots, Send Broadcasts, or Automate Campaigns.

Do it all in Kakao and power opportunities in South Korea.

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