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Students. Want. Text.

– Use 360 SMS,
and speak in their vernacular

Through 360 SMS, you’ll upscale personalized response capabilities to answer student requests by 10-fold compared to other mediums of communication for your best chance at meeting enrollment season targets.

Text outmatches email

– and everything else

Sitting at a 98% open-rate, an SMS is 5 times as likely to be opened compared to emails.
You’ll always reach a hand-held device, even if it’s a flip phone like 15% of the population. A 4th of students want fast & accessible updates on academic programs, schedules, and enrollments.

360 has Higher-Ed Communications Handled

Be Seen,
Be Discovered

Broadcast bulk and batch messaging from Salesforce list view, or campaigns or to let your target audience know about program offerings and where they can sign up.

Manage Compliance

Use the 360 SMS App’s Opt-In addon to capture consent and initiate the conversation.

Expand Revenue
and Enrollment

Employ link-tracking for form submissions and pair it with automated responses from 360 SMS for confirmations and acceptance.

Deliver Last-mile Finance
With 1-on-1 Assistance for Applications

Handhold Applicants Through Financial Aid Applications with alerts and 1-on-1 text.

Build Retention
through Personalization

Automate that warm close with personalized acceptance messages, reminders, as well as thoughtful knowledge articles with actions triggered in 360 SMS. Personalize messages for the generation that scoffs at bulk texts.

Meet Students
as Digital Natives

Tack on the 360 SMS Omnichannel to view responses on SMS alongside activity from all other channels in Salesforce like automated Voicemails and calls.


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Salesforce is a customer relationship management software that universities can use to manage student recruitment, admissions, marketing, fundraising, and alumni relations. As it provides a consolidated view of student's data from different sources, University can use that to carry educational operations smoothly and tailor communications for Alumni, current students, and prospective students based on at which stage of a student cycle they are.
Universities can work with a Salesforce partner or consultant to customize the platform to meet their specific needs. Salesforce offers a range of tools and resources to help universities get the most out of the platform.

As SMS is a fast and efficient communication tool, it can be integrated with Salesforce, the best customer relationship management platform, to provide a seamless user experience. With the help of Salesforce higher education mass texting, universities can communicate with students, faculty, and staff quickly and easily. They can use SMS in universities for institution and program marketing, admission and enrollment, emergency alerts, event reminders, announcements, fee reminders, campus updates, and various other communications. SMS can also be used for targeted outreach efforts, such as sending personalized messages to prospective students or alumni.

To send bulk SMS to students, Universities can integrate 360 SMS from app exchange as it's a perfect Salesforce higher education mass texting solution. It provides various bulk messaging routines that allow universities to communicate easily with students, faculty, and staff at scale, helping to keep everyone informed and engaged. Universities can create custom lists by applying filters and logic to send bulk messages through List Views. Besides, Universities can also send bulk messages to existing campaign members and add new members if required. More importantly, they can also connect with millions in one go using Salesforce reports. This way, they do not have to send messages to students in batches.

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