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Texting: Healthcare Alerts Done

With smartphones being the most common ‘on-person’ devices,
a 4th of the world’s adults
want critical updates and alerts over text.

Aligning With Compliance Requirements, By-Design

  • 360 SMS doesn’t store your data on any of its servers.
    Everything is hosted over the HIPAA compliant Salesforce cloud instance.
  • Our callouts are encrypted to protect data in transit
    Our API callout from Salesforce to providers is encrypted by a TLS cryptographic protocol.360 SMS App’s provider supports HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication to protect the API request data.
  • 360 SMS also provides Double Opt-Ins and Double Opt-Outs
    to manage recipient consent.

360 SMS for Healthcare & Wellness

Use SMS Salesforce for Healthcare To Serve Up Empathy For Your Healthcare Patients

Keep Treatments On-Track
For Successful Recoveries

Climbing patient drop out rates and unfinished follow-ups are hard to deal with.
Don’t lose time and follow-up on patient progress while they’re still fresh out of your care.

Get In Front Of Your Patients
Faster & Personally

Count on messages to be your most reliable first responders,
even when you’re off the clock

Reduce No Shows
To Plug Treatment-Lapses

Conserve medical staff effort and reduce no-shows with auto-response keywords
to set, cancel, confirm, and reschedule appointments – all over text.

Educate Patients
With Ailment-Specific Self-help

A good portion of recovery success is proven to correlate to ‘patient-initiative.’
Share links to recovery success stories and to-dos for all the different ailments types common in your region.

Dispell Misinformation
With Best Practices on Self-Care

Arm your patients with a better understanding of the problem.
Point them to reliable sources to undercut misinformation.


‘Show & Tell’ More Clients
About Wellness With Text

Rollout New Services
With Automated Announcements

Promote Fresh Arrivals And Product Lines For Potential Patrons With SMS Campaigns

Use text announcements to let your patients make the most of special treatment offers or to make important and responsible announcements about your availability.
because you can never
empathize enough

Keep the relationship with your clients going by sharing wellness tips & tricks,
and updates about your wellness offerings.

Easy Service Booking
& Cancellation

Repurpose skilled personnel hours with easier appointment booking and rescheduling.

Improve ROI
For Texting Spends

Let sales teams in on messaging threads to intervene & recalibrate outreach
for better returns overall.


Our Testimonials

 Emma Thornton | Pathways to Care

 Devan Thorne | Healthy Sync Global | Operation Director

 Adrian Gonzalez | Health Gains 


Salesforce SMS for healthcare can provide several benefits in healthcare, including improved patient engagement, increased access to care, and cost-effective communication. It can be used to keep patients informed about their healthcare, provide remote access to healthcare, and communicate more efficiently with healthcare providers. This can lead to better patient adherence, coordination of care, and improved patient outcomes. Additionally, text messaging can be a cost-effective way to communicate with patients, Also, with the right texting app, healthcare professionals can enhance patient privacy and security through HIPAA-compliant messaging and use other channels like Whatsapp Salesforce for patient care. Overall, text messaging can be a useful tool for healthcare providers to improve patient engagement, increase access to care, and enhance communication and efficiency in healthcare delivery.

Salesforce for healthcare organizations can be of great help. It can be used to manage patient data, improve patient engagement, and enhance communication between healthcare providers. Salesforce can provide a unified view of patient data across different systems and departments, which can lead to better care coordination and improved patient outcomes. It can also be used to develop patient portals and mobile apps that enable patients to schedule appointments, view test results, and communicate with their healthcare providers. Additionally, Salesforce can improve communication between healthcare providers by providing a platform for secure messaging, alerts, and notifications.

Yes, many healthcare companies use Salesforce to manage patient data, improve patient engagement, and enhance communication and collaboration between healthcare providers. Salesforce offers several features and tools that can be customized to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations. For example, Salesforce Health Cloud provides a unified view of patient data, including medical history, test results, and treatment plans. It can also be used to develop patient portals and mobile apps that enable patients to manage their healthcare, communicate with providers, and access educational resources. In addition, organizations can manage their operations, schedule appointments, manage insurance claims, and track referrals using Salesforce for healthcare.

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