Fill job orders faster as a
Recruitment and Talent Agency

Few updates are as crucials as a job applications or openings.

With 360 SMS you’d have access to 8 popular texting channels to enhance reach and widen your candidate pool

Texting meets candidates wherever they are, much faster

Land straight into candidate smartphones and notification bars

Recruit Candidates remotely with fewer face-to-face interviews

Engage a huge amount of applicants simultaneously with automated conversations.
Also lower the time to onboard with messages complete formalities and due diligence
Make sure you have more to pick from and your hiring pipelines never dry out.
Improve your chances of finding quality candidates, even when applicants ghost you.
Process applications automatically and cut down on manual interactions.
Have more meaningful interactions with candidates that show promise.
Sourcing, shortlisting, acceptance, and onboarding.
Let candidates apply to multiple roles at once and follow up with each of them at all stages
Capture replies from candidates with special needs to make arrangements
Prevent bias by automating parts of the evaluation process
Screen candidates applications more accurately
Filter applications more thoroughly and accurately than resume parsing tools


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