The only solution for ‘ZERO-CODE’ chatbot
designing and voting via Salesforce texting

Use fully configurable decision trees in Salesforce and setup dynamic, response-triggered actions & data-capture, in minutes

360 Sms App -IText the only Zero-Code Online Chatbot

iText is 360’s pioneering, truly ‘zero-code’ solution that lets even non-techies, or pretty much ANYONE create dynamic surveys in 5 minutes – all without a single line of code. Now, users can run a Survey via Salesforce texting in no time.

It allows users to create dynamic, keyword-triggered automation for progressive profiling.

  • An ‘Action Handler’ that lets you trigger multiple actions & updates based on responses – Response based SF Actions
  • Surveys, Intelligent Forms, Polls, Voting
  • Automated respondent addition to campaigns.
  • Response based Field Updates.
  • Trigger sequences of surveys, SMS templates, and drips.
  • Out-of-the-box user-adoption
  • Response-based scheduling and follow-ups.
  • Admin-friendly setup for faster customization
360 Sms App Text Enquiry-IText Easily Configure DIY Conversation Tree
360Sms App Action Handle-IText Easily Configure DIY Conversation Tree
  • Automated text inquiries for lead qualification, follow-ups
  • Incisive, automated Progressive Profiling through dynamic SMS message surveys in Salesforce
  • Easier preparations for a sales pitch with well-rounded profiles
  • Accelerated qualification times
  • Greater audience penetration and relevance for communications
  • Reduced closing turnaround
  • Zero long-term development and cost
  • Automation for Time-Feasible Personalization in responses to customers

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